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Regarding the rom-com, Netflix’s latest offering, Uncoupled, has revolutionized the genre.

When his longtime partner Colin suddenly disappears one day after they’ve been together for 17 years, a 40-something man named Michael is left to deal with the fallout.

While living in New York, Michael is thrust into the unfamiliar (and at times dangerous) world of dating for the first time, which results in several meetings with women. There’s Neil Patrick Harris as the lead, which makes things even better.

Numerous viewers who binge-watched the eight-part series over the weekend have already requested season two. How many more Uncoupled will there be? A second season of Uncoupled may be in the works…

Is there a second season of Uncoupled in the works?

Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed a second season of Uncoupled yet, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of one.

Netflix typically labels one-season shows as “limited series.” At least Uncoupled isn’t considered limited, which is a relief. As a result, it has been listed as “eight episodes” rather than a full season.

Uncoupled season 2: Release date, cast, more
Uncoupled season 2: Release date, cast, more

In addition, there’s a story to consider. To wrap up the first season, Colin shows up at Michael’s flat to inform him he believes he made a blunder.

Is this couple on the verge of reconciliation? Season two is required, and the open ending of the first season gives us optimism that we’ll learn more.

Netflix has separated the release date and cast announcements for Season 2 of its original series.

Fans eagerly await Netflix’s formal announcement of a second season of Uncoupled.

One viewer took to Twitter to say, “I am a huge fan of Uncoupled, and I beg you to bring back S2! The series about middle-aged gay guys is a nice change of pace amid the sea of youthful LGBTQ+ stories.”

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Who could return for a second season of Uncoupled?

If there is a second season of Uncoupled, it is safe to assume that Neil Patrick Harris will play Michael again.

Tisha Campbell, Michael’s coworker and best friend, plays Suzanne while Tuc Watkins plays Colin.

Brooks Ashmanskas (Stanley), Emerson Brooks (Billy), and Marcia Gay Harden (Claire Lewis) are some of the other cast members we’d want to see back.

What is the release date for the second season of Uncoupled?

Season two’s confirmation is still pending before a release date can be announced. If season 2 goes ahead, we’d like to see it released in 2023 at the earliest. Count your blessings!

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