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If you’re looking for some true crime to watch this weekend, you might want to check out Netflix’s top 10. The newly released docu-series The Most Hated Man On The Internet has risen to the third spot on Netflix’s top ten list.

To be sure, there’s a lot in the Netflix Top 10 that is objectively bad. The Most Hated Man On The Internet does not appear to be one of them, judging by its 86 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating. The plot also has a relatively happy ending.

What Is The Internet’s Most Hated Man?

Hunter Moore, a self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner,” is the subject of a three-part documentary series titled The Most Hated Man On The Internet. Moore rose to prominence as the owner of the revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp.com, which allowed users to post intimate photos and personal information.

What Is The Internet's Most Hated Man?

The documentary follows his demise due to the actions of Charlotte Laws, the mother of one of the site’s victims. Laws conducted a two-year investigation, gathering evidence from more than 40 victims and turning it over to the FBI.

We could tell you how everything ends, but that would ruin the fun of watching the show. There is a happy ending to all of this, and Moore does get his comeuppance.

What do critics have to say about The Most Hated Man On The Internet?

With an 86 per cent Rotten Tomatoes rating based on seven reviews, The Most Hated Man On The Internet appears to be a hit with critics. The series also has an audience rating of 88 per cent based on 8 ratings and an IMDB rating of 7 out of 10 based on 640 ratings. That’s a low level of audience engagement, so expect those numbers to rise significantly as more people tune in.

” Meanwhile, CNN’s Brian Lowry said, “The producers deliver a highly watchable if salacious three-part docuseries, fueled by its truly hissable, made-for-TV villain.”

Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com says the series is “an admirable reminder that even a powerful bully is no match for a parent seeking justice.

What Is The Internet's Most Hated Man?

According to Angie Han of The Hollywood Reporter, the show is “compelling, if a little limited in scope.” Decider’s Joe Keller appears to be on the same page, noting that if “all you want to see Hunter Moore get his comeuppance, this is the place to be.” You’ll get your wish pretty quickly thanks to this short docuseries and its quick pace.”

Anita Singh of the Daily Telegraph was less enthusiastic, giving the series a two out of five stars and questioning why the series would “dredge this up a decade later, bringing him back into public consciousness?”

According to the review, Netflix may believe that “people will enjoy the salacious details and is repackaging the awful content under the guise of a cautionary tale.”

Should you watch The Internet’s Most Hated Man?

The most important thing to understand about The Most Hated Man On The Internet is that it does not sugarcoat any details or coddle the audience. The topic of revenge porn is one of the most unpleasant topics discussed throughout the three-part series. This is something that many people may struggle with, so keep it in mind.

The show’s premise is fairly straightforward, and no grand mystery is involved — as with some true crime. So, if you want to see an internet scumbag face the consequences of his deliberate attempt to ruin people’s lives, this is the show for you.

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