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Every single day we make choices. We choose how we feel, how we act, and, more importantly, how we react to the situations in front of us. We assert our ideas, we choose when not to speak our minds, and we go with the flow for an easy life.

5 Ways To Stand Up For Yourself & Be Heard

The problem with living an ‘easy life’ is that realistically, it means that you would prefer to meander through life being taken for granted rather than speak up and potentially cause a fuss. Here’s the thing about that: sometimes, you need to cause a fuss! Life can’t always be packed into tidy little boxes. Life is supposed to be something that you live in a way that makes sense for you; not something that you allow to stress you out, stamp on your self-worth and play on your insecurities.

5 Ways To Stand Up For Yourself & Be Heard

One of the most powerful ways you can make your life something to feel alive about is by standing up for the things that you believe in. Learning to fight the battle sometimes instead of walking away can do great things for your personality, your self-esteem, and your confidence.

Sometimes, this means standing up to the big grocery stores when your food is defective and checking out how you can do this on https://www.gbw.law/personal-injury/product-defects/ and sometimes this means asking for a payrise in the place you work when you haven’t had one for ten years. Becoming more confident and sure of yourself isn’t easy though, so here are five ways you can learn to stand up for yourself and burst into a new way of vibrant living.

  1. Express Yourself. Honesty is important and if you’re holding in all the things that you want to say, you’re not being honest. Start speaking your mind and expressing how you feel for a change. Instead of saying, ‘I’m fine’, start standing up for your own feelings. The liberation you will feel will transform your life.
  2. Walk Tall. Often, those who aren’t particularly confident don’t look it. They hide themselves by hunching their shoulders and curling away from the world while they walk. Shoulders back, chin up and start to walk confidently. If you don’t feel confident, fake it until you do.
  3. Stay Calm. When you start to speak out, you’re going to find the bigger personalities out there find this an attack. It’s not, but they’re so used to getting their way that you need to stay calm, stand your ground and don’t back down. Wait them out.
  4. Be Deliberate. Let’s not be 14 and in the school playground; no passive aggressive behaviour is necessary when standing up for yourself. Be deliberate with your words and not vague. If something is bothering you, speak up and say so in a clear manner.
  5. Say “No”. Your time is an extremely precious commodity. When people ask you for more of it than you have to give, learn to say “no”. Of course, you don’t have to be rude, but you do need to be firm in that your time matters, too.

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