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Confidence can often seem like a natural state of being that some people are blessed with, and others are not. But that’s not often the case. Even the most seemingly ‘attractive’ and ‘wealthy’ person in the room can suffer great anxiety due to many influencing factors.

This means that confidence is not guaranteed but is also not exclusive. For those trying to make the most of their lives, learning the secret of confidence can seem like a panacea to fix a great many personal issues.

Staying Confident, No Matter What Is All About Preparation

The truth is that while confidence can come and go, it can also be stabilized by preparation. What does this mean? Simply put, taking care of yourself through the methods that matter the most can help you feel better in your own skin and express yourself appropriately to that extent.

It’s true that the less we take for granted, the more we can focus on what counts. This also goes for how you regard yourself, and maintain your self-image.

To that extent, we would love to explore this topic with you further. Please, consider the following advice:

Caring For Your Body

People often think that working out in the gym is an exercise in vanity, but that’s not it at all. In fact, exercise is nothing more than a self-affirming exercise. Sure, it helps you improve your health, gives you a sense of ownership, and allows you to feel productive.

Sometimes, you may even build a body worth admiring, even if that simply means losing weight and feeling ‘normal’ again. It may be that finding a means to treat a physical issue you’re going through, such as Canesten duo for thrush problems will help you feel your usual, comfortable self.

Staying Confident

However, as we’ve hinted at, caring for your body through exercise, maintenance, and self-care is a means in which to continually declare your own worth, only this time to yourself.

If someone insults you, it can bounce off your shoulder; you know that you’ve put the work in, or that you’ve cared for yourself as if you were responsible for helping a friend.

In other words, with every step on the treadmill, or every squat, or every pushup, you are telling yourself that you’re worth putting the effort in for.

When you have this kind of validation from and for yourself, you can be sure to seek it less from other people. And surely, that’s a skill we hope those we love can develop – so why not curate it for ourselves?

Preserving Your Mental Clarity

Taking care of your mind is important. It’s very easy for people to fall into their own emotions and act through that lens in its entirety. How many times have we said something we did not mean in a family or relational argument, or how many times have we let stress get to us? Of course, we shouldn’t chastise ourselves for this, we’re all just human.

But that shouldn’t mean we have to feel out of sorts, or that we should always be slaves to our emotions and mental fog. With careful meditation, we can find ourselves back through the storm.

Additionally, great sleep, ‘checking yourself’ via assessing if you’re acting authentically from time to time, and striving to be as honest as you possibly can with people will often give you the resources you need to better yourself and your approach.

Curating Your Social Health

Staying Confident, No Matter What Is All About Preparation

Social health also matters, to no small degree. We needn’t be the coolest or smartest person in the room, but we do need to be able to stand up for ourselves, and learn how to prioritize our social experiences. There’s no reason to falsify a friendship or spend time with people you dislike outside of work.

Sometimes, a careful analysis of who is actually filling your life with value can help you take stock. It’s best to have those who care about us nearby, because if a friend is not a ‘teammate’ in general, they must be sapping your energies. Sometimes, feeling confident in the room is about being part of the right room to begin with.

Overcoming Hardships & Challenge

Overcoming personal hardships or challenges can help you feel confident because if you’ve managed to try something new, the issues that seemed so overbearing before can be seen through a new perspective.

For instance, volunteering for that new work placement can make public speaking in your old office seem much less nerve-wracking than before because you will have gone through the archetype of the ‘heroes journey’, something that helps you grow and come back stronger. Never underestimate how getting out of your comfort zone can help you in this way.

With this advice, we hope you can stay confident no matter what. After all, it’s all about preparation.


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