I have some disappointing news for those who were holding out hope that February would bring the conclusion to Tully and Kate’s story. Netflix just announced their plans for February, and part two of the second season of Firefly Lane is not one of them.

But people who know probably weren’t too surprised by this news, since Netflix posted a teaser on the Firefly Lane page after the first part of season 2 came out in December.

The teaser said that the second half of the season will come out in June 2023.

In October 2022, Netflix said that the second season of Firefly Lane would end on a high note with a 16-episode “supersized” season that would be split in two. On December 2, the first nine episodes of the second and final season were made available.

On June 8, 2023, viewers can expect to see the premiere of the second season’s final seven episodes of Firefly Lane. Netflix released a sneak peek of the next volume, suggesting that Tully will marry Johnny. The teaser might just be a distraction, and Tully might not marry her best friend’s husband or wife.

After the fight that ensued after (SPOILER ALERT!) Tully drove drunk with Marah in the car, culminating in a hospital stay for Kate’s daughter, and the relationships among the women of Firefly Lane were in shambles.

Throughout the subsequent year-long battle, Kate was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

Kate comes to Tully’s door at the end of the ninth episode of season 2 after realizing she needs him at this terrifying moment. Tully has already left for his new work in Antarctica, which is quite unfortunate.

Hopefully, Kate and Tully will figure things out in the next chapter, but there’s also a high risk that Kate may die (since she does in the books).

Whatever the case, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of June so we can finally get some of our many unanswered questions answered.

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