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Your exposure to Rodeo Drive’s opulence in Bling Empire was only the beginning. New York City is the next stop for the expanding empire.

The first peek of the abundance can be seen in the show’s teaser trailer for Bling Empire: New York, which will premiere on January 20.

In the East Coast combination of private jets and high fashion, fans of the flagship series might even recognize one star.

Dorothy Wang declares, “New York City, I’m here!” in the trailer. In the last episode of Bling Empire’s second season, viewers saw Dorothy move from Los Angeles to New York. And she’s eager to dive headfirst into her new home town.

Diamonds galore as "Bling Empire: New York" devours the Big Apple.

As much as I love Los Angeles, I’m crossing my fingers that the guys I meet there are more my speed. Between scenes of her on unique dates, she informs the camera, “I’m single, ready to mingle.” If you want to know what that racy euphemism implies, you’ll have to watch the preview.

For Bling Empire: New York, Dorothy is joined by a thriving community of chic and wealthy Asian Americans in the Big Apple, including It-girl Tina Leung.

The cast parties and feuds their way throughout New York City, and the teaser suggests that sparkle, fashion, and feathers (if you can find them) are all part of the status game. Sometimes I don’t want to unleash,” Dorothy says in the video.

Diamonds galore as "Bling Empire: New York" devours the Big Apple.

To the contrary, I will. We are about to take off the mittens at the opera.

But even though everyone in Los Angeles Bling is crazy about the huge house, in the prequel, a house’s quality is more about where it is than how big it is.

Diamonds galore as "Bling Empire: New York" devours the Big Apple.

New York introduces us to the billionaires, CEOs, and fashion icons who make their homes in the City that Never Sleeps, where competition is high in love, money, and power.

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