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There is something so incredible about music movies – you get an amazing soundtrack and create characters and a lot of action. Music movies come in different forms, too; some are out-and-out entertainment – and others are based on the real life of some of the best musicians of our time and years. 

For music fans, they offer an insight into the lives of songwriters, musicians, and everything that goes on around them. So, if you’re looking for the best music movies of all time, here are some you should check out. 

The Best Music Movies Of All Time

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Amy Winehouse took the world by storm with her incredible lyrics, wonderful, rich tone, and unique throwback style. The beehive hair and thick liner were her calling card. The movie covers her early years, and you hear Amy in her rawest form.

We also follow her along the turbulent rise, and at some points, you might even feel like you have no business watching this look into her life – and you are one of the aggressive paparazzi. 

While Amy has been painted as many things, the movie seeks to blow the dust off and put her back where she belongs – being seen for the talent she was. 

singing Do you have what it takes to win The X-Factor?


If you have ever wanted to be greater than great at playing an instrument, Whiplash will inspire you or put you off completely. The music is incredible – as you’d expect from something focused on playing perfectly.

The relationship between Teller (Andrew ) and his teacher, whose reputation precedes him, J.K Simmons (Fletcher). 

The drum work is stunning – hand-bleedingly stunning, in fact. Tension is high; things get thrown. 

Crazy Heart

When it comes to country music movies, most of the time, Walk The Line will be the most recommended movie – and with good reason. However, Crazy Heart has Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal, who perform stunningly.

And the chemistry and relationship fire Otis Bad Blake (Jeff) up into turning a new leaf (almost). There is something so touching and authentic about the best country movies, and this one just has it. 

Little Voice

Have you ever wanted to do something, but a voice in your head – or maybe the people you know – aren’t supportive? And, instead of following your passion, you hide it away but still use it to escape. It sounds complicated, but Little Voice captures it so perfectly.

Jane Horrocks puts on an incredible performance, and you’ll root for her every step of the way. 

The Best Music Movies Of All Time

200,000 Days on Earth 

A deep dive into everything it means to be Nick Cave, this documentary is so carefully curated that if you know his work, then you feel his presence.

You understand what makes him tick, what he eats, and, more importantly, what gets him fired up and ready to create. What makes it even more heartwarming is the retelling of stories and the other people who appear in the film. 

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