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Hey there, lovely readers! Today, we’re diving into the world of English language learning, and we’ve got a real treat for you. Meet Amy, the British English teacher extraordinaire with nine years of experience.

But hang on, this isn’t just your ordinary English class – a journey filled with fun, laughter, and learning.

Amy’s mission? To help you improve your general English skills and ace those exams you’ve been sweating over. And trust us, she’s got the charm, the expertise, and the magic touch to make it all happen.

Unlock Your English Potential with Amy

Amy, the Beach-Going Bookworm

Let’s spend some time together getting to know Amy. She’s not your typical educator; she’s more like a linguist explorer.

Amy’s teaching adventure has brought her far and wide, from the stunning shores of Malta to the heart of Germany, the beauty of Italy, and several vibrant places in the UK. She’s done it all – online and face-to-face lessons.

And here’s a little fun fact: Amy has a theatre degree from the University of Greenwich. Taking a class with her is a guarantee of fun and exciting instruction.

Shakespeare may have said, “All the world’s a stage, and Amy’s classroom is where the magic happens!” 🎭✨

Here’s a taste of the exciting experiences awaiting you in the English language:

Unlock Your English Potential with Amy

Amy’s English Courses: Your Path to Fluency 📚

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part – Amy’s courses! Her classes are engaging, dynamic, and filled with opportunities to become a fluent English speaker.

  1. General English: Your Journey to Fluency
    • Dive into private online sessions tailored to your needs.
    • Craft a learning plan based on your level to achieve your English goals.
    • Start speaking confidently, and let Amy’s personalized approach be your guide.
  2. Cambridge Exam Preparation: Ace It with Amy 📝
    • Cambridge English qualifications are globally recognized, and Amy can prepare you for A2 Key to C2 Proficiency exams.
    • Be exam-ready with Amy’s expert guidance.
  3. IELTS Preparation: Crush That Exam
    • Need Academic IELTS preparation? Amy’s got you covered.
    • Join her intensive online course covering speaking, listening, reading, writing, and more. Plus, brush up on grammar and vocabulary!
  4. Business English: Speak Like a Pro
    • Elevate your English for work.
    • Amy’s course hones your skills for meetings, presentations, negotiations, and professional writing.
    • Gain fluency for the boardroom and beyond!
  5. Young Learners: Start ‘Em Young!
    • Have you got a little one? Amy offers 30-minute online sessions for kids.
    • Fun, practical activities in a professional environment – the perfect recipe for early English excellence.

Have a baby at home? Amy provides online tutoring for youngsters for 30 minutes at a time.
An early start is essential for a successful day of English language learning in a professional atmosphere.

Let’s Play an English Game Before We Go!

To learn with Amy or not to learn is the actual choice, paraphrasing Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be.”

So, whether you’re a newcomer looking to conquer English or a seasoned learner aiming for excellence, Amy’s the keys to unlocking your linguistic potential. You can begin the seaside-inspired voyage by contacting her through the contact form.

Unlock Your English Potential with Amy

Remember that studying with Amy isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s also about making a splash in the English-speaking world!

Contact Information and Social Links


Feel free to email or visit the website and Instagram page to explore more about Amy’s English classes and stay updated with her language adventures!

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