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If you had a bright future in mind, it undoubtedly made you stick to your guns, values, and ethics. And whether you had ambitions to be a law unto yourself, everybody can feel that life, eventually, gets in the way. Sticking to your roots is hard, especially if you have a punk sensibility.

In the original sense, that idea of punk stuck it to authority and freedom in the most liberal; the reason was a seismic shock in social circles back in the late 70s.

And it can be hard to try and embody this attitude when we’ve got to pay the bills. So what can we do to stick to these roots even though we are being told to “conform?” 

Choose Career Paths That Spark Your Passions

If you think that to go against the grain, you have to choose a very leftfield career, think again! It’s important to remember that you can incorporate so much of your passion into a career choice that seems somewhat strait-laced. I

Fashion careers

f you desire to defend the choices of minority groups, the career routes are almost endless. There is, of course, the opportunity to work for charities, but there are so many immigration lawyers out there too. Law isn’t necessarily a logical career path for someone who wants to remain punk to their core, but it’s a career choice that provokes honesty. 

Stop Exposing Yourself to Counterproductive Content

Suppose you have particular passions but feel the threat of modernity creeps in, so you eventually watch soap operas and “fluffy” TV.

In that case, you need to ask yourself if this is conducive to making you who you are. You’ve got to be mindful of how you spend your time, and when it comes to our roots and attitudes, we’ve got to spend our time with the right people, but we’ve also got to make sure that we are exposing ourselves to the correct type of content.

For example, if you are a feminist and listen to a musical artist who frequently refers to abuse or mistreatment of women, it’s time to put that artist, or even their associates, down. It may be extreme, but allowing the minor influences into our subconscious could slowly alter our belief system. 

Demonstrate Your Beliefs

Everybody has a belief system, and it’s important to demonstrate it when we wake up in the morning. How can you implement your beliefs and values in everything you do throughout your day? It may seem almost impossible, but it’s a life-changing attitude.

Many people go through life allowing things to shape who they are, and we always seem to allow the negative notions to influence who we are; why don’t we use the positives for once? We can all use many things to stick to our roots, and staying true to our beliefs can be challenging. 

If you feel there is nobody you can relate to, it is harder to stand up for what you believe in. But the trick is about developing that thick skin and having that courage.

This is the most significant change you could ever make when you dare to live your beliefs.


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