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Fashion has a way of evolving and challenging society’s norms. Have you ever watched a fashion show and thought how ridiculous some outfits are?

If you said that to a designer, they’d probably love it. They want to be daring, challenge our perceptions of fashion, what is and isn’t acceptable, and why and why not.

So that should get you thinking about what daring fashion statements we do accept. These must have stood the test of time because otherwise, we wouldn’t even know about them.

The mini midi clash

The mini dress is the signature look of the adolescent party girl who wants to drink, dance, and laugh all night. It’s been around since the 80s/90s and has been shaped and contoured for almost every body type.

You might think that mini dresses are daring because they show a little more of the lower body and tightly fit around the hips and the bust.

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However, because many people have accepted this type of daring dress, the other half who would like more support can have the midi dress. But which is better? The midi dress has more variations, as it can have a strapless design, a backless design and also a split skirt. Both are great if you want to make a statement on a night out.

The rocker or punk?

There have been many debates about the more daring, the rocker chick or the punk girl. Either way, both have incorporated piercings into their bold fashion statements. For example, nipple rings have always been something rockers have messed around with.

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You can get different types of nipple rings from Urban Body Jewelry to see the kinds that have been popular over the years. Everything from bars, rounds, and horseshoes is offered. But who would ever notice? This is why you may want to wear a tighter tank top to show off your piercing underneath. A T-shirt and a thinner bra could also make the same statement.

The oversized sun hat

It’s brash, and it’s big; the oversized sun hat has been such a love-hate fashion item. If you’re wearing it, you’re fine, but if you’re sitting behind someone wearing a sun hat or walking toward them, you must make adjustments to avoid having your vision blocked or scraped across the side of the head.

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It’s a Hollywood item, too, as you can imagine some of the top actresses in shades and oversized sun hats walking down the street, trying to disguise themselves from being snapped.

It’s great for hot days, but it’s not much use for other weather types. So, it will probably only be something you wear on a seasonal rotation.

What other daring fashion statements do you think have been able to survive the fashion axe? You might like some of these, so do you wear or support them?

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