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Get ready to turn back the clock and embrace the nostalgia of your teenage years because Bugeye is here to take you on a journey with their latest single, ‘Dancing Out In The Dark,’ dropped on November 24th!

With dirty guitars, disco beats, sizzling synths, and exploding bass riffs, they’re about to become your new favourite band.

Bugeye: Bringing the 90s Teenage Soul Back!

‘Dancing Out In The Dark’ is a musical time machine that transports you to those carefree nights of sneaking out to meet friends and feeling the thrill of being on the edge of major life changes.

It’s like reliving those moments when the world was your oyster, and the possibilities seemed endless.

Capturing the energy of 90s bands like The Subways, Ash, Elastica, and Blur, Bugeye brings their own unique twist with their signature disco beats and bass hooks.

Bugeye Channels 90s Teenage Soul!" #DancingOutInTheDark

Bugeye isn’t just making waves in the music scene; they’re also earning praise from some notable figures in the industry:

  • 🎶 “A fabulous band who are making Croydon great again!!!!” – Amy Lamé, BBC 6 Music
  • 🎶 “Bugeye ooze class… a force to be reckoned with.” – Clash
  • 🎶 “Top class disco-punk track which showcases everything that’s brilliant about this Croydon threesome…” – Loud Women
  • 🎶 “Speaker-shaking disco-pop, with a snarling post-punk edge.” – Record Collector Magazine
  • 🎶 “It’s an infectious slice of pop with a key riff that sounds like it’s sending a message to an alien spaceship.” – God is in the TV

With ‘Dancing Out In The Dark,’ Bugeye is gearing up for an exhilarating 2024. They’ve got a series of releases and live shows in the pipeline that are sure to keep your feet moving and your spirits high.

Frontwoman and lead guitarist Angela Martin, along with bandmates Paula Snow and Lisa Lux, crafted this song at Storm studios in North London, where creative sparks flew as they built each section of the song from the ground up. Producer Paul Tipler helped bring their vision to life, resulting in a track that’s bound to get stuck in your head.

Bugeye is not just a band; they’re a movement. Imagined in 2018, this queer alternative rock band from Croydon tackles everything from the mundanity of city life to global issues like racism and climate change.

Their music is a riotous call to arms, demanding you to dance your cares away.

So, mark your calendars for Dancing Out In The Dark’ to check out their music video, coming on December 1st!


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