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Ah, what would life be without music? There’s a song for every mood, it can bring people together, it’s just an all-around positive addition to the human experience, no doubt.

If you’ve long had a love of music, but feel like you’ve plateaued a little (or even if you’ve lost some interest in it), then read on below.

There we outline some useful tips for expanding your love of music. Incorporate them into your life, and that musical spark will be back in no time.

How to Expand Your Love of Music

The Local Scene

One of the best things about music is that it can bring people together. Indeed, sometimes you’ll meet someone who you have next to nothing in common with, but because you like the same music, you just know you’re going to be friends.

If you’re looking to get back into music somewhat, then take a look at checking out your local music scene. It’s all good and well waiting for the world’s biggest bands to come through town, but there’s also much to be said for checking out the new and emerging acts that your city produces.

Plus, being part of the scene will give you a chance to meet like-minded people too.

How to Expand Your Love of Music

Your Favourite Band’s Favourite Band

We all have our favourite bands, but sometimes we can become too reliant on them. Sometimes we realise that we’ve only been listening to a handful of bands.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to look at branching a little, and one of the best places to look is at the bands that influenced your current favourite bands.

This blog from Multitrack Master details some of the most influential bands from the 1970s. If you like the current crop of guitar-based bands, then check them out — the bands in the article will have had a big influence on their sound. You can also read interviews with members of your favourite bands: they’ll likely mention other artists they like.

Pick Up an Instrument

How to Expand Your Love of Music

We tend to think of music as something that we just receive as inactive bystander. But that’s not really the case. For instance, when we go to live music shows, we don’t just receive the music: we actively contribute towards creating a good atmosphere.

There’s another way you can become more actively involved in music: learn to play an instrument. It’s not as difficult to learn the basics of guitar, drums, or the piano as you might think, and it can be highly satisfying to play along with your favourite songs.

Give it a go — it’s not about one day becoming rich and famous, it’s just about creating something.

Brand Out Into New Genres

Finally, it’s worthwhile looking at new types of music from time to time. You might love guitar music, but there’s much to be said for electronic music, hip-hop, or world music.

Stay committed to learning and discovering more, and you’ll never fall out of love with music: there’s just too much good stuff out there for that to be the case.

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