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Your garden can be wonderlands of joy and discovery. Encouraging wildlife to come and visit your garden isn’t too difficult either. So on those mornings you get up a little earlier, you can sit with a coffee and watch the birds dance in the birdbath, or the squirrels play in the trees.

All countries have a range of diverse and beautiful bugs, mammals, and birds, and you can welcome them into your space in the following ways.

Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden


When we think about trees, we tend to think about large trees that might not work in our gardens. But you can purchase a range of smaller trees that can comfortably stay in large pots. Many fruit trees don’t grow too large and will provide a nesting space for birds, squirrels, and insects.

Even a few smaller trees will create an almost woodland space for your local wildlife.

Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden


When you are looking to create not only a beautiful garden but somewhere that you have a lot of butterflies and bees – then wildflowers are ideal. There are many wildflower options, seed balls or boxes of mixed seeds can help you create something stunning with ease.

You will usually find bluebells, foxgloves, cornflowers, thistles, and more. The mix of colors and the scent makes it very interesting to look at and attractive to a range of bugs and pollinators too.

Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden

Bird Feeders

Birds singing in the morning can be an enjoyable and welcome thing to happen. Watching them fly in and out of the garden, sit and wash themselves in the birdbath and eat the bird feed that you have placed out. If you are worried about squirrels, then you can buy squirrel proof bird-feeders.

The type of food you purchase will encourage different birds into your garden too. Little Peckers has a range of bird feed that will entice a variety of breeds, and keep them coming through the winter months too.

Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden


Providing a safe space for birds to breed in is going to increase how many birds you have too. Different breeds of birds will need different types of nesting boxes. You will need to work out which birds you are most likely to have in your garden and install the right ones.

You will likely hear some small baby chirps during the spring and be able to watch them learn to fly as they grow over the weeks.

Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden


A water feature will attract a broader range of creatures than you might imagine. Even the smallest of water will attract animals. A small pond will allow you to keep fish, but it will also encourage frogs, dragonflies, and other animals that need water. This is also a great opportunity to have water lilies and broad leaf pondweed too.

Once you have added a few of these features to your garden, you should consider setting up a camera or sitting with binoculars to watch your new garden visitors come and go. All of this is great for your local ecosystem and just really lovely to see too!

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