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In a world filled with music that touches the soul, Tate McRae has emerged as a genuine sensation. With a voice that resonates with raw emotions and lyrics that speak to the heart, her songs have become anthems for a generation navigating the ups and downs of life.

Let’s take a whirlwind tour of some of Tate’s top songs and the inspirations behind them, exploring why we can all relate to her music and, ultimately, fall head over heels for her talent.

1. “You Broke Me First”

  • Inspiration: Ah, the anthem of heartbreak! This track delves into the aftermath of a broken relationship, and Tate’s vulnerability shines through every note. She captures the pain, the anger, and the longing that we’ve all felt at some point.
  • Why We Relate: Who hasn’t been through a heartbreak? This song feels like a healing balm for the soul, reminding us that we’re not alone in our emotional struggles. We’ve all been there, and Tate’s lyrics make it feel okay to embrace those emotions.

2. “R U Ok”

  • Inspiration: In “R U Ok,” Tate explores the complexities of mental health and reaching out to someone in need. It’s a song that encourages empathy and compassion.
  • Why We Relate: Mental health is a universal concern, and Tate’s willingness to tackle this topic in her music is both brave and comforting. We can relate because we have all experienced mental health issues, either personally or through loved ones.

3. “Rubberband”

  • Inspiration: “Rubberband” dances with the theme of feeling stretched thin and bouncing back from life’s challenges. Tate’s resilience shines brightly.
  • Why We Relate: Life often stretches us like a rubber band, and we relate to the feeling of being pulled in different directions. Tate’s message of resilience reminds us to bounce back, no matter how far we’re stretched.

4. “Lie to Me”

  • Inspiration: This song dives into the complexities of deception in a relationship. It’s about wanting honesty but also fearing the truth.
  • Why We Relate: Trust and honesty are pillars of any relationship, and Tate’s song taps into the universal fear of being deceived. We connect with her longing for the truth and the vulnerability it entails.

5. “I wrote a song”

  • Inspiration: Tate’s songwriting process takes center stage here as she reflects on her journey and the impact of her music on others.
  • Why We Relate: We may not all be songwriters, but we can all understand the power of art and self-expression. Tate’s introspective track reminds us of the importance of creativity in our lives.

6. “Feel like shit”

  • Inspiration: Tate McRae’s inspiration for this song likely draws from her own experiences or observations of relationships and the emotions they entail.
  • Why We Relate: We can all relate to the pain of heartbreak and the emotions that come with it. Whether we’ve experienced a breakup ourselves or witnessed a friend going through one, the feeling of being hurt and the longing for closure are universal.

7. “All My Friends Are Fake”

  • Inspiration: This song likely draws inspiration from the theme of friendship, highlighting the realization that not everyone around us may be genuine, growing up she had difficulties with many friend groups.
  • Why We Relate: We can all relate to moments of questioning the authenticity of our social circles. Tate’s song taps into the universal experience of discovering who our true friends are, resonating with those who have faced similar situations of friendship and trust.

8. “She’s All I Wanna Be”

  • Inspiration: This song likely draws inspiration from the desire to be someone else, showcasing themes of aspiration and identity. She loved this guy, but he was with this girl back in high school and it really took to her.
  • Why We Relate: Many of us can relate to the longing to become someone we admire or to achieve a certain lifestyle. Tate’s song resonates with this universal desire for transformation and self-discovery, making it relatable to a wide audience.

9. “uh oh”

  • Inspiration: Uh Oh is about the mistakes we often make in love when we follow our instinct. In the lyrics, Tate McRae describes a problematic relationship with a man who somehow leads her to make “bad decisions.” Following this wrong judgment, the singer ends up chasing him repeatedly, although a part of her knows it’s wrong.
  • Why We Relate: Because, we all have been there, let’s be honest, and after we are like AHHH!

10. “What would you do?”

  • Inspiration: Tate McRae’s “What Would You Do?” really isn’t overtly romantic, but the logical implication would be that the vocalist is addressing her boyfriend. Premise-wise, he is presented as someone who ‘takes her for granted’. Moreover, Tate is convinced that he’s conceited.
  • Why We Relate: Always want to know what our crushes or exes are doing but at the end of the day. what are they thinking!?

11. “Friends don’t look at friends that way”

  • Inspiration: The song narrates a friendship that becomes more than platonic, but both parties can’t act on their mutual attraction for each other. McRae has noted that the song is based on a real experience and is about having a crush on someone you know you would never be with
  • Why We Relate: We always have a friend that we are confused by.

Tate McRae’s songs are like a musical mirror reflecting our own emotions, struggles, and triumphs. Her honesty and vulnerability in her lyrics create an instant connection with listeners.

We can’t help but fall in love with her music because it speaks to the very essence of what it means to be human.

Tours of Tate in 2023

Sep 05Riviera TheatreChicago, United States
Sep 06The Fillmore MinneapolisMinneapolis, United States
Sep 08The Fillmore DetroitDetroit, United States
Sep 10MTELUSMontreal, Canada
Sep 11HISTORYToronto, Canada
Sep 12HISTORYToronto, Canada
Sep 14The Fillmore PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, United States
Sep 16House Of Blues BostonBoston, United States
Sep 18The FillmoreSilver Spring, United States
Sep 19The Rooftop at Pier 17New York, United States
Sep 20The Rooftop at Pier 17New York, United States
Sep 23Marathon Music WorksNashville, United States
Sep 25TabernacleAtlanta, United States
Sep 27House of Blues DallasDallas, United States
Sep 29Bayou Music CenterHouston, United States
Sep 30Austin City Limits Live at The Moody TheaterAustin, United States
Oct 02Summit Music HallDenver, United States
Oct 04Hollywood PalladiumLos Angeles, United States
Oct 05Hollywood PalladiumLos Angeles, United States
Oct 07The Van BurenPhoenix, United States
Oct 09The MasonicSan Francisco, United States
Oct 11McMenamins Crystal BallroomPortland, United States
Oct 13Paramount TheatreSeattle, United States

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled about all the upcoming shows listed above, but wouldn’t it be incredible if Tate McRae could make a detour to the enchanting island of Malta? I mean, picture this: Tate McRae performing against the backdrop of Malta’s stunning landscapes, with the Mediterranean Sea as the stage’s neighbour. I am defo there!

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