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A personal computer becomes increasingly overworked and overloaded as it is used. It has less storage space, picks up spyware and viruses, and slows down its performance. Re-formatting the machine is a final resort if everything else fails.

Re-Formatting your Personal Computer

With Microsoft Windows XP, re-formatting a machine is a breeze. Setting your machine to boot from a CD-ROM is the first move. This is something that can be achieved in the BIOS.

When the computer is booting, pressing delete will take you to the BIOS menu on most motherboards. All you have to do now is go to the “boot sequence” and change the first boot system to the CD-ROM.

After that, you can insert your Windows XP CD and restart the computer. You’ll be taken to the Microsoft menu as a result of this. You can choose how you want to proceed with your installation from this stage. IT company Brampton is a perfect example of how to get help with your machine, whether it’s cleaning it or having problems with it.

Before you start with the format, it’s a good idea to backup everything. Since formatting a machine erases everything on the hard disc, back up any music or documents you want to keep onto an external hard drive or a CD before proceeding.

Re-Formatting your Personal Computer

The first choice is to reinstall Windows on top of the current operating system. This is not the alternative we choose, but it is not recommended. You must select the format alternative.

You can choose between fast format and standard format in Windows XP. A fast format on a 120GB drive takes about 10 minutes, while a standard format can take up to an hour. The quickest format would be preferable.

All you have to do now is wait after clicking the format. After the format is complete, you must proceed to the installation of Windows.

Your machine will be refreshed and as fast as the day you brought it home from the store once this is completed.

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