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Fashion speaks volumes about your personality without uttering a word. Yet, finding that perfect piece to truly represent your essence can be a challenge. That’s why discovering Nicci’s collections was such a delight. “The essence of my label, Nicci. n. is beautifully straightforward.

“About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness, and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.”

Manolo Blahnik
Fashion Speaks Louder than Words Nicci.n.

I wanted to have my name incorporated in my label but not my first name and surname as I felt it was too long-winded so decided on just Nicci, the n stands for Napier which is my maiden name”

The amazingly inspirational Edinburgh-based fashion designer, Nicola is one to look out for when it comes to unique and classy fashion with an alternative edge.

I met this young designer a while back when interning for a fashion event, I was thrilled to be part of her team in helping out with the spring/summer collection which was launched early this summer and is now available on ASOS, where you can buy your outfits!

“In terms of my collections, I am most proud of my most recent collection, Florabundance, as it shows different printing techniques and how they can be incorporated together.

There are hands dyed panels throughout the collection and digital prints on the t-shirts where the colors match the color palette of the collection. Saying that, I have designed the next collection and have started to make up the samples. I am extremely proud of it and can’t wait to show it off!”

I learned a lot about design on Nicci’s Florabundance set. For her session in an abandoned mental asylum, we got wonderful images of dark and old backgrounds, eye-popping costumes, and spooky makeup! Something like being in a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie. The day was fun, inspiring, and hilarious.

I think my signature style is my use of different printing techniques, which can be either hand-dyeing, hand-painting, digital print, or transfer printing.

I also like to focus on differentiation in my designs and silhouettes.” I got a chance to steal Nicola away from her collections to answer a few of your must-know and juicy insights to a designer’s life!

Have you any upcoming events?“I usually like to showcase a new collection at an event or exhibition. I will most likely be ready for the collection launch around the end of October-November so will most definitely have an event around then.”

Were there any barriers to following your passion? How did you overcome these? “There are huge barriers in the fashion design industry as there is so much competition. There are so many great designers and labels out there.

You have to try and be a bit different and unique. Also trying to find funding and grants has been very difficult to drive the business forward! Being creative with marketing and maximizing the use of social media, networking has been great in helping overcome some of the finance issues.”

“The first garment I designed and made myself was a mini skirt as part of a college project. It was high waisted with elasticated shirring detail on the waistband and a puffball style from the hipline with layers of shredded fabrics including some crochet There were also some hand applique gold flowers sewn on to the layers of fabric. I still have the skirt. I like to keep it as a memento.”

You primarily like to use chiffon, lace, netting, and accessories in your designs; why is that?“I like to use different types of fabrics in my collections, however, it depends on what the inspiration behind the collection is as to which fabrics are suitable for that particular collection.” that? that?

With future projects coming up I can’t wait to be back on the team helping out and seeing what else Nicola has in store! Be sure to check out her ASOS pieces! Something you don’t want to miss, from daily wear to event and evening bespoke items! It’s so eye-dazzling – don’t you just want to be seen wearing these amazing outfits?

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