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“My favorite shot is the jammy donut shot at Capital. It’s £3 and actually tastes like a jimmy donut.” Quoted by Pub Crawl originator Justin when asked the best shot to drink! “Well, lets take one down, pass it around, 34 bottles of beer on the wall!” as you can imagine this city of Edinburgh is full of socializing, eating and drinking.

A few months back, my friends and I embarked on this fantastic pub crawl, like no other, the different events, people, games, and banter!

Pub Crawls

I have, for a fact, met loads of delightful people on the fun and alternative pub crawl! It is such a great laugh! Having only to pay £10, you get a whopping six drinks! Including a variety of shots and a cocktail! Justin, the creator of this great crawl, kindly took a few minutes out of his crawl to answer some must-knows! The scoops that go down on the crawls, the exciting stores, and adventures!

Pub Crawls

So first I have to ask. What made you start the pub crawl? “I was on a pub crawl in Melbourne and it was amazing. I came up to the Gold Coast of Australia and there were no pub-crawls so a friend and me started Plan B pub-crawls in the Gold Coast. Once I left Australia I did a stopover in Thailand and ended up living in Thailand. I was living on Phi Phi Island and started another pub-crawl there. Po On Thang pub crawls are still going strong and it is now run entirely by the locals.”

Pub Crawls
Pub Crawls

You must have some epic moments, do tell? “I think an epic moment to tell was the first true Scotsman challenge last Edinburgh festival. We issue a challenge to the group to remove their underwear in the toilets and then throw them over the bridge to the people below. 46 people throwing their underwear over a bridge is an incredible sight to see!”


Ever met any exciting people…? “I took an 88-year-old man and his family on the crawl. He did that granddad thing where he puts a coin in your hand and tells you to go buy yourself a treat. He did that with drinks all night – he was great. I also had a guy who was in the American Secret Service on a crawl… He was cool.”

Pub Crawls

What makes you guys so unique? “What makes us unique is we are the only locally operated pub crawl that runs in Edinburgh. We know first hand the best places to go and get the best deals there.” How many of you run the company? “We run with 2 people running the crawl per night and have a staff of 9. It’s a small company but we are like a family… A very dysfunctional family!”

Pub Crawls

——————————————————– There you have it! From the owner himself! Running every day per week! Just excellent (Get it, Justin… Just amazing…). Ok, moving on!! Next time you are over in Edinburgh or live here like me!, check it out on the Edinburgh pub crawl page – you are sure to go home with unique stories, great laughter, and…. possibly no underwear…!

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