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With summer here, everything is slinky tops and swimsuit bottoms, but who says we all must do the same thing? Here are some unique styles I’ve put together for the end of my July summer style with #Femmeluxe

Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket Transform Your Look: Steps to Change Your Style & Image

Let’s begin with the upcoming month’s number one style: Jeans. Jeans have long been a trend associated with celeb style, and it is about to hit overdrive.

With just about everything going with them and worn throughout the year. Throw away the rule books.

Black long-sleeve Sleeve Mesh bodysuit

Black Long Sleeve Mesh Overlay Bodysuit

This Black long-sleeve Sleeve Mesh Overlay Bodysuit is to die for and super cute for a night out; you can see how I styled it with some casual high-waisted shorts and bright pink Doc Martens.

Perfect for summer- lovers! Bodysuits are very in at the moment. @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal. have many cute varieties ranging from different colours, materials and summer specials!

Black Long Sleeve Mesh Overlay Bodysuit

Black Ripped Cropped Skinny Jeans

I love my ripped jeans and these Black ripped, Cropped Skinny Jeans. I’m all about the skater/surfer chilled, finding my style, and doing my thing; these are perfect for a night out (some clubs allow you to do your thing!)

Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket

Or chilling and enjoying a BBQ & beer; it is safe to say they are breezy and excellent quality! Best to wear in Scotland, that’s for sure! @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.

Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket

Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket

Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket

Jackets aren’t implied only for the workplace anymore; Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion people are fanatics of them for practically any event, from informal breakfast to night out on the town.

And all the incredible prints and outlines out there at this moment. This is super cute simple, and breezy to wear! Everything is a possible combination for me. Please have a look at all their different selections @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.

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