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The return of pumpkin-spiced coffees can only mean one thing: it’s officially autumn!  As such, it’s time to get cosy and upgrade your wardrobe to match the chasing season. After all, no matter how much you may love your summer clothing, the changing weather means that your denim shorts will no longer be your go-to item over the coming months. 

How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe For The Fall Season

Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are some top tips to ensure you look stylish all throughout the fall!

1. Layer up. 

Autumn is often the time of year when we dust off our old jumpers and cardigans to fight off the chill and cold air. However, you can achieve a similar effect through layering, often creating more interesting outfits and silhouettes.

How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe For The Fall Season

For example, you could add a glass touch to your autumnal outfit by sporting a Moncler Gilet

2. Dress in the Season’s trending colours.

During the autumn season, it’s likely that your wardrobe’s colour palette will change accordingly, often featuring a rade of warm, cosy shades as opposed to the brighter colours worn during summer.

However, you can take this one step further by ensuring you’re buying clothes in this season’s trendiest colours. 

According to Marie Claire, the most popular colours this fall include: 

  • Cherry Red
  • Grey & Silver
  • Glacial Blue
  • Salted Caramel

3. Visit your local thrift stores. 

A new outfit can make your confidence soar, often meaning that you feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside.

However, buying brand-new outfits isn’t always the most budget-friendly activity if you’re looking to save money in the run-up to Christmas. Thankfully, this can easily be remedied by shopping second-hand at local charity shops or online! 

4. Clean out your current wardrobe. 

Sometimes, you may need to conduct a wardrobe clean-out in order to make space for your new clothes (or because you’ve not decluttered in months).

How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe For The Fall Season

However, it’s important that you view this as an opportunity to make money. After all, if your clothes are in good condition, you may be able to sell them using apps such as Vinted or Depop.

If you don’t have the energy for this, you should be sure to donate your clothes instead of simply throwing them away. In both scenarios, you’re reducing waste and joining the fight against fast fashion. 

5. Don’t forget about accessories.

Autumn is the perfect season for using accessories to make a statement. For example, a more simplistic outfit can easily be elevated by adding a hat, scarf and gloves – especially if it’s cold outside.

 If you’re on the crafty side, you could use this as an opportunity to knit your own accessories that you can wear throughout autumn and winter.

This will give you the chance to show off your own unique style and help you find a fun way to spend your free time. If you’re good at this, you could even start making hats and scarves for your friends and family as gifts.

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