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Geordie Shore was a unique television program. When it initially debuted, it was a British reality TV show that no one had ever indeed seen, and it has been adored ever since.

You Never Knew These 22 Amazing Things About "Geordie Shore"

The basic premise of Geordie Shore is that everyone in the house leaves for work goes out clubbing, and gets completely plastered on national television while being paid for it.

What more could a 20-year-old possibly want? Fans of Geordie Shore are unaware of many things that go on behind the scenes, regardless of how much of a dream it all seems to be.

The Geordie Shore cast members have explained how the MTV program operates and how exhausting it genuinely may be over the years. Here is all you didn’t know about the Geordie Shore behind-the-scenes details:

You Never Knew These 22 Amazing Things About "Geordie Shore"
  • Their destinations and activities are scheduled MONTHS in advance.
  • There are typically far more people than you see on TV because the camera team consists of roughly six people.
  • When filming, the cast engages in a LOT of activities. But the majority of them aren’t included in the program.
You Never Knew These 22 Amazing Things About "Geordie Shore"
  • Employees observe all alcohol consumption.
  • They can be fined a lot of money for hitting one other when they quarrel and get into problems for it.
  • While they are residing in the home, nobody—not even the cleaners—cleans the shag pad.
  • They are forced to ask for permission to buy items, including food, because their bank cards have been taken away.
You Never Knew These 22 Amazing Things About "Geordie Shore"
  • Be prepared to sign numerous documents if you hang out with Geordie Shore. Bringing someone back to the residence requires a LOT of paperwork, and visitors must have their passports.
  • The cast frequently has to wait (sometimes for hours) as the production team prepares.
You Never Knew These 22 Amazing Things About "Geordie Shore"
  • For the most of the filming, the cast is prohibited from using their phones.
  • The opening credits are rarely updated for a reason. They don’t modify it since it was the original response from the entire original cast, which is what our reaction was when we first joined the show.
  • Although Anna owns a business, she is not the Geordies’ real leader.
You Never Knew These 22 Amazing Things About "Geordie Shore"
  • The work that the cast performs is unpaid.
  • They are indeed as drunk as they appear on TV. Not an act at all.

So there you have it! 22 surprising facts you never knew about Geordie Shore. These behind-the-scenes secrets and juicy details paint a whole new picture of the outrageous reality show. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the drama, Geordie Shore continues to surprise and entertain viewers around the world.

Now that you’re armed with this insider knowledge, you can revisit your favourite episodes with a fresh perspective and appreciate the show’s unexpected twists and turns even more!pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

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