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Get ready to embark on a nostalgia-fueled journey as we throw it back to one of the most beloved TV shows of the ’90s and early 2000s – Felicity!

Throwing It Back to Felicity: A Whirlwind of Hair-raising Adventures!
FELICITY, Keri Russell, 1998, 1998-2002. ph: Andrew Eccles /© The WB Television Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

Here lets revisit the romantic rollercoaster, hairstyles that defied gravity, and explore where the cast members are today. If you were a fan of Felicity, you’re in for a treat!

The Mane Attraction

Remember when Felicity Porter’s decision to chop off her iconic curls caused an uproar among fans? It was a hair-raising moment indeed! Join us as we reminisce about Felicity’s hairstyle transformations and how her tresses became a character of their own.

Rekindling Romance: Love Triangles and More!”

Throwing It Back to Felicity: A Whirlwind of Hair-raising Adventures!

Delve into the tantalizing love triangle between Felicity, Ben, and Noel. Brace yourselves for some seriously heart-fluttering moments as we relive the epic romances that kept us glued to our screens.

Life After Felicity: Where Are They Now?

Throwing It Back to Felicity: A Whirlwind of Hair-raising Adventures!

Wondering what happened to your favorite Felicity cast members after the show ended? Let’s catch up with our beloved stars and see what they’ve been up to!

From career successes to exciting projects, we’ll explore how their journeys unfolded in the years that followed.

Scott Foley: From Noel to Scandalous Adventures!

Throwing It Back to Felicity: A Whirlwind of Hair-raising Adventures!

Scott Foley, the actor behind the lovable Noel Crane, took on more scandalous adventures after Felicity! Find out how he transitioned from the world of college romance to the intense political drama of Scandal, where he captured our hearts once again.

Keri Russell: From Felicity’s Curls to Spy Girl!

Ah, Keri Russell, the iconic actress who brought Felicity Porter to life. Discover how she transformed from a curly-haired college student to the fierce spy Elizabeth Jennings in The Americans. Get ready for some major hair changes and intense undercover action!

Throwing It Back to Felicity: A Whirlwind of Hair-raising Adventures!

Team Ben or Team Noel? Scott Speedman’s Journey!

Did you root for Ben Covington or Noel Crane? Scott Speedman, the actor who portrayed Ben, went on to mesmerize us in various film and TV projects. Join me as we follow his path from heartthrob to intense character, proving he’s more than just Felicity’s first love.

If You Liked Felicity, You’ll Love…

TV ShowDescription
“Dawson’s Creek”Follow the lives of a group of high school friends in a small coastal town, navigating the ups and downs of adolescence and young adulthood. Love triangles and heartfelt moments are guaranteed!
“One Tree Hill”Step into the world of Tree Hill, where basketball, friendships, and complicated relationships intertwine. This series delves into the lives of two half-brothers as they chase their dreams and navigate the challenges of love, fame, and family.
“Gilmore Girls”Experience the heartwarming bond between a mother and daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, as they navigate life in the charming town of Stars Hollow. With witty banter, small-town charm, and a diverse cast of quirky characters, this show is a delightful treat.
“Veronica Mars”Join the sharp-witted Veronica Mars as she solves mysteries and unravels the dark secrets of her affluent town. This captivating drama combines crime-solving, high school drama, and a dash of romance, making it a must-watch for fans of smart and engaging storytelling.
“Freaks and Geeks”Travel back to the 1980s and follow the lives of a group of misfit high school students, navigating the challenges of adolescence, fitting in, and discovering their true selves. With its relatable characters and nostalgic setting, this coming-of-age gem is a must-see.
“The O.C.”Dive into the glamorous yet tumultuous lives of Ryan Atwood and the Cohen family as they navigate the world of privilege and drama in Orange County. This addictive series combines romance, family dynamics, and plenty of California sunsets to keep you hooked from the start.
“My So-Called Life”Explore the complexities of teenage life through the eyes of Angela Chase, a high schooler coming to terms with her identity, relationships, and the challenges of growing up. With its raw and honest portrayal of adolescence, this critically acclaimed series remains a fan favorite.

Missing the charm and drama of Felicity? Fear not! We’ve got some amazing recommendations for TV shows and movies that will capture your heart just like Felicity did. From nostalgic college tales to epic love stories, get ready to dive into new and exciting adventures.

Some episode fun facts

EpisodeFun Fact
Episode 1: “Pilot”Fun Fact: The original pilot episode of Felicity had a different storyline and was re-shot with a new direction.
Episode 2: “The Last Stand”Fun Fact: This episode marks the first appearance of Sean Blumberg, played by Greg Grunberg, who became a recurring character throughout the series.
Episode 3: “Hot Objects”Fun Fact: In this episode, the character Noel Crane, played by Scott Foley, is introduced as a resident advisor in Felicity’s dorm.
Episode 4: “Boggled”Fun Fact: The character of Elena Tyler, played by Tangi Miller, has a memorable monologue in this episode about dating.
Episode 5: “Spooked”Fun fact: Felicity thinks a ghost is haunting her in this Halloween-themed episode, which has a supernatural twist.
Episode 6: “Cheating”Fun Fact: In this episode, Felicity discovers that Noel is cheating on his girlfriend, which leads to a series of emotional confrontations.
Episode 7: “Drawing the Line”Fun Fact: Keri Russell’s real-life hair stylist, Laurie Heaps, served as the hair consultant for Felicity’s iconic hairstyle.
Episode 8: “Thanksgiving”Fun Fact: This Thanksgiving episode explores the characters’ diverse family dynamics and traditions during the holiday.
Episode 9: “Finally”Fun Fact: In this episode, Felicity must make a difficult decision between Noel and Ben, which sets the stage for the ongoing love triangle.
Episode 10: “Gimme an O!”Fun Fact: The episode features a cheerleading competition, highlighting Felicity’s involvement in extracurricular activities.
Episode 11: “Friends”Fun Fact: Felicity and her friends navigate the challenges of maintaining friendships amidst the ups and downs of college life.
Episode 12: “Todd Mulcahy (Part 1)”Fun fact: Scott Foley’s character Todd Mulcahy, who will later become Felicity’s new love interest, makes his debut in this episode.
Episode 13: “Todd Mulcahy (Part 2)”Fun Fact: The two-part episode explores the evolving relationship between Felicity and Todd, bringing new dynamics to the show.
Episode 14: “Love and Marriage”Fun Fact: Felicity’s parents visit her in New York, leading to revelations and discussions about love and marriage.
Episode 15: “The Fugue”Fun Fact: This episode features a storyline where Felicity loses her memory and must piece together her identity and relationships.
Episode 16: “Assassins”Fun Fact: Felicity and her friends participate in a game of assassins, adding a playful and competitive element to the storyline.
Episode 17: “Happy Birthday”Fun Fact: The episode centers around Felicity’s birthday and explores her feelings about getting older and finding her purpose.
Episode 18: “Docuventary II”Fun Fact: This mockumentary-style episode parodies reality TV and follows the characters as they are being filmed for a documentary.
Episode 19: “Connections”Fun fact: When Felicity’s ex-boyfriend, played by Simon Rex, unexpectedly shows up, her love life becomes even more complicated.
Episode 20: “The Force”Fun Fact: Ben’s interest in joining the ROTC

As we bid adieu to Felicity, let’s cherish the memories of love, friendship, and gravity-defying hairstyles. It’s been a wild ride, and we hope you enjoyed this throwback journey with me!

Throwing It Back to Felicity: A Whirlwind of Hair-raising Adventures!

Stay tuned for more trips down memory lane and recommendations for shows that’ll make your heart race. Until next time, may your curls be bouncy, your heart full, and your love for Felicity never fade away!

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