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Perfect Match, Netflix’s hit reality dating show, ends its first season with several connections, but fans may question who is still together.

Hit The Netflix reality show Perfect Match ended its first season with numerous couples put together, but it has been a while since filming. Perfect Match was filmed last year but premiered this Valentine’s Day. After filming, couples had time to break up or stay together.

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Perfection Dom and Georgia were the “Perfect Match” of Season 1, but they weren’t the only couple. The Perfect Match finale also paired Chloe and Shayne with Joey and Kariselle. The finale’s most startling event for Netflix customers was Joey’s proposal to Kariselle, which he announced to his family during the credits.

Reality TV is infamous for creating stories and connections, so it’s hard to judge how genuine many of the show’s ties were.

Given that several Perfect Match couples live in various countries, it’s easy to see why fans may be curious about their progress following the show.

the-perfect-match netflix

Regrettably, none of the three Perfect Match couples are still together. Joey and Kariselle broke up, Georgia and Dom split, and Chloe and Shayne split. Fans of the Netflix show may be disappointed, while others expected this for most pairings.

the-perfect-match netflix

Given Perfect Match’s popularity, Netflix may renew it for a second season. Since reality TV is cheaper than scripted entertainment, Netflix viewers may expect more of it.

But Netflix’s biggest reality series remain unrenewable. Fans don’t know if Perfect Match or The Circle will return for a second season. I hope the information comes shortly.

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