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Squid Game, a dystopian South Korean drama, has racked up 111 million views on Netflix in the four weeks since it premiered, the streaming service announced on Tuesday.

Squid Game

Unprecedented worldwide viral hit imagines a macabre world in which marginalized people are pitted against each other in traditional children’s games. Losers are executed while winners can walk away with millions of dollars.

Squid Game has topped Netflix charts in over 80 countries after spreading word-of-mouth, mainly social media.

Netflix’s Squid Game, a Korean drama, has become a worldwide hit.
The popularity of Squid Game has reignited the debate over who should pay for the growing amount of internet traffic.

After reaching 111 million viewers, Squid Game has officially become Netflix’s most popular series launch ever.

Squid Game

Instead, the period drama Bridgerton debuted to an impressive 82 million subscribers when measured according to Netflix’s internal metric, which includes all accounts that watched an episode for at least two minutes.

Following in the footsteps of K-pop band BTS and Oscar-winning film Parasite, the success of Squid Game demonstrates South Korea’s growing outsized influence on global popular culture.

Squid Game

Also, Netflix’s efforts to produce more international and non-English language content are reaping fruit with this new success. Lupin, a French-language series, debuted as the third most popular series on the streaming service.

Netflix has dubbed and subtitled versions of Squid Game available in multiple languages to reach a broader audience.

The world’s most popular streaming service announced in February that it would spend $500 million on Korean series and films this year alone.


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