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November and already tired of Winter? Except maybe Shaun Palmer and Shane McConkey, a pro-snowboarder.

Black or White this Winter? Fashion Advice

Each glossy cover of Elle, Vogue and Mademoiselle this time of the year makes me dream about the look of one of these beautiful girls bundled up in a sweater and fluffy boots. Regrettably, something goes wrong every time I try to emulate the look of a magazine.

However, with Femme Luxe, you can get your high street fashion look.

Following my last winter fashion blog, I expressed different levels of winter fashion, different occasions and how to make your winter wardrobe stand out with Femme Luxe.

Black or White this Winter? Fashion Advice
Black or White this Winter? Fashion Advice
Black or White this Winter? Fashion Advice

Like a clever woman, in winter, I turn black amid the shouting in the high-fashion houses of the colour of us. Black looks amazing night or day and it takes a lot of thinking for a girl on the track.

Black is the safest thing to conceal any defect, such as the defects caused by the consumption on Thanksgiving of an entire cheesecake. But black isn’t just slimming; it’s a wide range of accessories. Like this Black High Neck Ruched Side Bodycon Mini Dress, perfectly slimming, mix it up with a cute clutch, heels and hair flick you are good to go!

However not only back, but even White, there are ways to make white look good at anybody time.

Here is a great example, the Cream scoop neck ribbed long sleeve bodysuit with high waisted jeans. Not to forget Jewellery, women’s preference this year is plenty of jewellery. The old foundation of diamonds can be reversed.

Or you can try new sets of bright pearls and shells this season. They look fabulous and black, they can be as dressy and flare up as a diamond necklace. With a similar coloured necklace, you can also emphasize your eye colour. Nothing is nicer than a pair of silver, matching necklace, sapphire eyes.

Black or White this Winter? Fashion Advice

Femme Luxe has everything from jackets to dresses and more, what is your go-to winter colour?

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