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Sipping on Sunshine: Gin Galore!

Welcome to Yard 32, not just another bar, but a true gin palace nestled in the heart of Valletta. It’s where gin isn’t just a drink; it’s a culture. With over 180 gins, each sip transports you to a different corner of the globe.

Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar in Valletta Review

Forget the mediocrity of standard gin brands; here, every bottle tells a story, a botanical ballet that dances on your palate. And the way they serve it? Think grand, think dramatic – a balloon glass, not just for show but to whisper secrets of the gin’s aroma straight to your senses.

Tapas: A Culinary Tapestry

Now, let’s talk tapas – over 50 varieties! It’s like a culinary United Nations, each dish a diplomat of flavor.

From the classic cold olives and cheese to the adventurous chopitos (hello, battered baby squid!), these aren’t just appetizers; they’re conversation starters. Here, eating is an art, a social experience where every tapa is a masterpiece.

Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar in Valletta Review

A Slice of Spain in Malta

Yard 32 is more than a bar; it’s a Spanish haven. The owners, Alex and Sara, have bottled the essence of Spain – the warmth, the vivacity, and the passion – and uncorked it right here in Malta. It’s a place where the gin and tonic is not just a drink but a ritual, a celebration of life.

Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar in Valletta Review

Where Every Day is a Fiesta

The atmosphere? Imagine stepping into a fiesta where everyone is a friend. The Spanish influence isn’t just in the drinks and food; it permeates the air, the laughter, the clinking of glasses. It’s not just a bar; it’s a community, a place where memories are distilled like fine gin.

A Global Journey, One Sip at a Time

And if you’re worried about missing your usual gin, don’t be. With Yard 32’s vast selection, your old favorite will soon feel like a distant, albeit fond, memory. Each visit is an adventure, a chance to explore the world through gin-tinted glasses.

Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar in Valletta Review

So, whether you’re a gin aficionado or a tapas enthusiast, Yard 32 is your go-to destination in Malta. It’s not just a bar; it’s an experience, a journey, a celebration. Salud!

TypeTapas Bar & Restaurant
Address32 Strait St, Valletta, Malta
Phone9993 6734
Current StatusClosed Now
Seating OptionsOutdoor Seating
Price Range££

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