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Want to explore stunning landscapes, lively cities and have a siesta or two in the sun? Then a Spanish road trip is right up your street. The perfect country for taking a drive and exploring multiple destinations, you can have the perfect trip if your road trip in Spain.

Planning Your Spanish Road Trip - Essential Tips

Like any good road trip, planning is a must, so if you’re raring to go, take a look at some of the following tips for planning the perfect Spanish road trip.

Plan your route

The great thing about road trips in Spain is that there are many different routes you can take. From the Basque Country to driving along the Costa Brava, there are road trips to suit all interests.

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Emily at the Wander-Lush blog has an amazing Spanish self-drive road trip itinerary which has some great tips on routes to take and places to stop.

Planning Your Spanish Road Trip - Essential Tips

It’s probably best to fly to Spain and then rent a car. Car rental can be very affordable and you’ll be able to return the car on your way back. Why not rent something quite sporty to add a touch of glamour to your trip?

Planning Your Spanish Road Trip - Essential Tips

See a mix of towns, cities and countryside

Spain has a lot to offer, from vibrant cities to glorious countryside, and you can take it all in! There’ll be plenty of things to see and do along the way, so try to mix up your trip.

Some of the places you should try to visit include Valencia, Granada, Seville and Gibraltar. You will be sure to find some other smaller towns along the way that will have some wonderful places to stay and offer a less touristy side to your travels.

Brush up on your Spanish

Planning Your Spanish Road Trip - Essential Tips

While you don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to enjoy your road trip, it will help to learn some phrases in advance you can use while you’re there.

You can pick up some essential Spanish phrases easily, including how to say hello, how to ask for directions and how to order food in a restaurant.

Google Translate is a very handy tool to have with you, so make sure you download the Spanish dictionary for your phone before you leave.

Sample local cuisine

Planning Your Spanish Road Trip - Essential Tips

Spanish food is among some of the world’s best cuisines. From tapas to paella, there are all kinds of must-try Spanish dishes to sample during your trip.

To help you save some money, you can also make the most of local supermarkets to help you stock up on the essentials. Try eating in smaller restaurants off the beaten track, you’ll benefit from lower prices and will get a much more authentic experience.

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Road trips can be an excellent place to explore a new destination. Spain is a wonderful place to explore by car, with so many different landscapes to enjoy.

You can plan a road trip over a few days, weeks or months and see as many destinations as possible. Why not give yourself something to look forward to and plan your Spanish road trip for next summer?

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