Even if summer is past, everyone enjoys a good vacation deal. However, prices might be prohibitive, even on those specialized websites that help you find the most advantageous offers. Some advice for moving forward.

Don’t forget to clear your cookies and history while searching for flights; cutting-edge technology remembers where and when you wish to go, driving up ticket rates. Consequently, you should get rid of any old cookies. Since I do a lot of exploring in Europe, most of these trips are short hops within the continent or brief weekend getaways.

1. Easyjet

1. Easyjet

2. Ryan Air

Ryan Air

3. Jet 2

Jet 2

4. Flybe


Two to look out for, as some seasons tend to drop prices rapidly and can be cheaper than those listed above!

1. British Airways

Cheap Flights Sites to Keep in Mind!

2. KLM

These are the best sites to have in mind if you want a group search.

1. Skyscanner


2. Cheap flights

Cheap Flights Sites to Keep in Mind!

3. Last minute

Cheap Flights Sites to Keep in Mind!

4. Opodo

Cheap Flights Sites to Keep in Mind!

5. Expedia

Most of these have already been heard, but I have placed them in order of what has worked out best for many travelers I know as well. The bigger airports are better with more flights and cheaper deals, but remember to delete those cookies and keep refreshing things can change in a simple second!



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