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Let’s talk about the silent superheroes of restaurants: servers! They bring us delicious food, refill our drinks faster than a hummingbird at a sugar buffet, and somehow manage to keep a smile on their face even when the kitchen explodes (metaphorically, hopefully).

dish on white ceramic plate

But here’s the thing that makes my blood pressure fizz like a shaken soda – some diners treat these amazing humans with all the grace of a rogue bowling ball in a china shop!

Where’s the “Respect the Server” Sign?

Have you ever witnessed a customer snapping their fingers like they’re summoning a butler, or barking orders like they’re training a particularly stubborn poodle? Yeah, me too. These folks seem to think servers are invisible ninjas who materialize only to fulfill their every whim. A simple “please” and “thank you” would be a welcome change from the finger-wagging and dismissive tones. Remember, manners are always in season, people!

person preparing cooked dish

The Dunning-Kruger Dinner Disaster

Then there are those customers who approach the menu with the authority of a Michelin-starred chef, grilling the server on the exact farm the kale came from or the philosophical musings of the cow that provided the steak.

It’s like they’ve never stepped foot in a restaurant before, despite the server likely spending more time there in a week than they have in a year. Maybe a little humility and a dash of “thank you for explaining that” would be a delightful side dish to their meal.

waitress, waiter, barista

“Excuse Me, But My Therapy Session Seems to Be Overdue”

Sometimes, servers become accidental therapists for customers with overflowing emotional baggage. A friendly smile can turn into an invitation to unload their life story, from relationship woes to the existential dread of choosing ketchup over mustard.

person holding tray with foods

Listen, servers are there to bring you food and good times, not become your unlicensed shrink. Maybe there’s a therapist app you can download instead?

The #FoodPorn Frenzy

And let’s not forget the age of the almighty #FoodPorn. Dinners become obsessed with capturing the perfect Instagram shot, their food growing colder than a snowman in July while they fiddle with filters and lighting.

man holding fish dish on plate

Then, if there’s a minor hiccup in service – bam! A scathing social media review erupts, painting the server as the villain.

Here’s a newsflash: servers are human! They deserve a little understanding, not to be crucified online because your avocado toast took an extra two minutes to arrive.

Dining with Decency: A Recipe for Success

Look, we all want a pleasant dining experience. So, here’s the secret ingredient: treat your server with kindness! A simple “please” and “thank you” can work wonders. Patience is a virtue, kitchens get slammed sometimes. And remember, servers aren’t mind readers. Communicate clearly and politely if you have allergies or requests.

man in white top standing next to table

By following these tips, we can ditch the rudeness and create a dining experience that’s fun and enjoyable for everyone. Remember, a happy server often leads to a happy customer, and a happier experience for all!

So, the next time you’re out, ditch the “go back to your country” nonsense (seriously, that’s just gross) and treat your server with the respect they deserve. After all, they’re the ones who bring you your delicious dinner, not the other way around.

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