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Okay, so you are in Malta – what next? You enjoy the sun, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, explore the Island, try local food, and buy souvenirs (yes, we all know that you will buy this fridge magnet anyway!).

Then you realize that is Friday evening and you probably should get some drinks and have some fun. What now?

Liquid Club Malta for the Techno Nomads

You are not really into reggae tone or dance hall music – you prefer an underground sound with the deep bass.

A quick research and you will find something about Liquid Club Malta – established in 1998, before known as Vibes, gathering people since 70s. Hosting the best, world-class DJs as Sven Vath, I Hate Models, Cleric, Len Faki, Paula Temple, Helena Hauff or Anetha – and this is only the beginning of the long list.

Next step – buying tickets. And yes, it is possible to buy it online or at the door. But there is also the third, crazy option which I have never seen before – book a ticket on Facebook and then one of their “runners” will chuck it over to you!

(So technically, you go to somebody’s car, pay money and take something from a stranger – not looking suspicious at all.)

Liquid Club Malta for the Techno Nomads
Nina Kraviz Credits: Shift Malta, Badbox, Daryl Cauchi \ Event Photographer — at Liquid Club Malta.

Finally, you head to the party. First, you hear the music, then see a bunch of people at the front of the inconspicuous building. Then, when you walk through the door, you will realize that you found your techno family.

Everybody is dancing, drinking, chatting, and enjoying the time. The whole place is full of positive energy. You start to feel the pure bliss in your small, rave heart because you find the Maltese temple of techno.

Liquid Club Malta is one of the most unique venues in the southern part of Europe.

Why? I can start with the unrivalled atmosphere, powerful Void sound system, worldwide DJs behind the deck and top-quality music. All club is about minimalism and the best music experience.

Liquid Club Malta for the Techno Nomads

Not fancy sofas or decor. Simplicity makes this place beautiful. They even have an aquarium in the middle of the club – how can you compete with this?

So without further ado, if you are a real techno nomad with some wildness inside, the Liquid Club will be your new home on this tiny Island. You will be truly satisfied, trust me.

  • Opening hours, events and tickets: https://www.facebook.com/liquidclubmalta/
  • Payment: for now only cash (but they are working on it!)

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