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Design inspiration should come from Californian feel of fashion. We plunge into surf culture again for festival season.

With tie-dye outfits, woven purses, and shell jewellery, California fashion is hard to resist this season. We feel more relaxed just thinking about the surfer-girl style’s lovely, peaceful aura. Man.

Bring out the Californian skate street style! California

California fashion goes beyond wetsuits, so you don’t have to be a beach bum or live near a coast to wear it. Lightweight, sun-faded woven dresses and skirts will channel your daughter. Swap your white shoes with summer stripe ones to get the look. Even a cowrie shell necklace or macrame tote adds Cali flair.

Femme Luxe has a great collection of ts to top off your season! Let’s just look!

Stone ‘Santa Clara’ Graphic Print T-Shirt

Stone 'Santa Clara' Graphic Print T-Shirt California
Lime ‘Champion 96’ Slogan Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Make it look good this season and look back at our graphic t-shirt ‘Santa Clara’ block. You ‘re going to get obsessed with top girl with a luxurious ‘Santa Clara’ graphic logo with short sleeves and a crew collar.

In our Lime ‘Champion 96’ slogan Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt, add some print to your ‘drobe this season. With a ‘Champion 96’ slogan print, short sleeves and crew neck, this top is an important kid. A team of ripped jeans and fresh white trainers for the ultimate look.

California  Lime 'Champion 96' Slogan Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt
California  Lime 'Champion 96' Slogan Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Blue ‘California’ Graphic Print T-Shirt
Blue 'California' Graphic Print T-Shirt  California

Not going out soon? Get those vibes in our Blue’California ‘s Graphic-Print T-Shirt. Featuring a luxury ‘California’ slogan with a crew neck and short sleeves, this top is cute AF, girl.

Blue 'California' Graphic Print T-Shirt California
Blue 'California' Graphic Print T-Shirt
Coral ‘California’ Graphic Print T-Shirt
 Coral 'California' Graphic Print T-Shirt

Get these vibrant holidays at our graphic print T-shirt Coral ‘California.’ This top is cute AF, kid, with a luxurious “California” slogan and a graphic with a crew neck and short sleeves. #lovin

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