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Ah music festivals… A blend of harmonious tunes, the scent of street food vendors, bohemian spirits aplenty and questionable port-a-loos are the hallmarks of an amazing festival experience!

For newcomers or veterans alike, here is your ultimate survival guide that ensures you have an amazing time without embarrassing moments or unnecessary festival faux pas!

Music Festival Survival Guide: Do's, Don'ts & Absolute Musts!

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Essential Items for an Engaging Music Festival

A music festival is like any adventure, so you’ll need your survival kit. A portable charger should be at the top of your list; no one wants their phone dying halfway through their favorite band’s set!

A water bottle – remember, alcohol doesn’t count – and comfortable shoes (unless you like massages from wandering pebbles!) should also be packed. Lastly, don’t forget a rain poncho; Murphy will ensure it rains just when you forget to pack one!

The Not-To-Do List

Festivals are all about fun and enjoyment, but there are some don’ts you should keep in mind when attending them. Don’t forget your sunscreen (unless auditioning for the role of a lobster). And, while not essential, avoid carrying your prized possessions around as this is not a fashion show! Also don’t rely solely on festival food unless you wish to pay exorbitant prices for soggy hotdogs!

Don’t forget your retainers, you don’t want to suffer the unenviable fate of dancing with missing teeth. And, never underestimate the power of a first-aid kit!

The Absolutely Must-Do’s 

At this point, we’ve covered all the basics and don’ts, so now it’s time to cover some must-do’s? First off, plan your schedule but leave room for spontaneity – discovering a new band could be the highlight of your festival experience!

Music Festival Survival Guide: Do's, Don'ts & Absolute Musts!

Secondly, meet people! Festivals provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded music fans. And thirdly, take some time out just to soak it all in: stand at the center of a crowd, close your eyes, feel its rhythm flowing through and memorize this unforgettable moment forevermore!

Behavior Do’s and Don’ts

Music festivals offer an irresistibly relaxed environment; but that should never give anyone license to forget basic etiquette and respect. Bob Marley famously spoke about having ‘one love’; so don’t be a stranger and strike up conversations with those nearby; even better if it leads to new friendships!

There’s nothing like the energy at a music fest – don’t let anything rain on your parade and ruin its spirit; respect other people’s personal space and refrain from smoking in non-smoking zones!

The Festival Wrap-Up

You’re left with unforgettable memories to keep once the festival ends and its magic has worn off. But before leaving, help maintain its sacred environment by collecting trash – mother Earth loves a good festival-goer!

Also take time out of your schedule to express thanks and appreciation to festival organizers, volunteers, and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this festival successful; after all they are the unsung heroes of music fest world.

Conclusion: Carpe Diem! 

Music festivals are all about seizing the moment! With your survival kit at hand and knowledge of do’s and don’ts at your fingertips, you are ready to dive headlong into a sea of music, laughter and madness! At the heart of it all lies music making memories while enjoying life – so go forth festival goer; may the music always accompany you!

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