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Amazing cats. Curious, intelligent, and social. As someone with 2 cats, I find learning about feline behavior intriguing. Cat research is 15 years behind dog research. Recent research shows that dogs and cats are intelligent.

Inside the Mind of a Cat is Netflix’s newest documentary. This documentary explores the mind of a cat, with physiologists and experts addressing what makes felines unique.

In its hour-long runtime, the film investigates the physiology of felines, including their unique bone structure and social relationships. Are cats self-aware? Favourites? Do cats adore us?

These topics are answered during the runtime, broken up with amusing cat videos, animated cutaways, and talking head interviews.

Alongside the science, skeletal remains discovered in Cyprus indicate how far back our cat/human link goes. Istanbul’s progressive policy concerning street cats is also featured, although cat libel in the Middle Ages may have contributed to the spread of the Black Death.

This documentary has a lot of information, but the final 10 minutes feel rushed as it jumps from cat videos to Istanbul street cats. The movie would have benefited from more time spent on these areas.

Inside the Mind of a Cat is a humorous, instructive, and educational look at cats.

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