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The United States government is actively trying to locate her.

In the third season premiere of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, “Body in Bags” investigates the murder of David Carter.

Who or what has become of Unsolved Mysteries' Tammy Williams?

David, a father of three and a manufacturing worker, went missing in late September 2018. He was 39 years old. Later on, David’s body was discovered mutilated and scattered throughout the room. The top priorities for Unsolved Mysteries are investigating David’s death and finding his killer.

Tamera ‘Tammy’ Williams, his girlfriend at the time of his death, was taken in for questioning on October 5, 2018; she was released since there wasn’t enough evidence to keep her in custody. Tammy has been on the run from the US Department of Justice since she was released.

Who or what has become of Unsolved Mysteries' Tammy Williams?

Then where did David Carter go? When will we find out where Tammy Williams is? There is nothing else you need to know.

Where did David Carter go?

Who or what has become of Unsolved Mysteries' Tammy Williams?

David Carter, a factory worker in his 40s and father to adolescent son DJ, was a family man. David was close with his son’s mother, Samia Conner, and developed his clothing line when he passed away.

Tammy Williams, who he had known since high school, was the love of his life for the six months leading up to his untimely demise. Tammy was a travel agent and worked at a medical center.

David and Tammy showed up to DJ’s football game on September 28, 2018, but they didn’t seem to get along. “David and Tammy came to the game together, but weren’t together at the game,” Samia Conner claimed in Unsolved Mysteries.

The following day, DJ was supposed to spend time with his dad, but David texted DJ’s mom to let her know he was sick and that DJ shouldn’t come over. Regardless, DJ went above to check on Williams, who was taking out the trash.

Who or what has become of Unsolved Mysteries' Tammy Williams?

DJ David claims Williams informed him he went for a walk and returned home to find him already inside with the door closed.

David’s coworkers informed his family on October 2 that he hadn’t shown up for work for three days. When his relatives came to visit, they found his apartment unlocked. They discovered a vast blood smear in his bedroom on the floor beneath the bed and a gunshot hole in the mattress.

Tammy received a phone call from David’s sister, who wanted to know where he was. Williams allegedly stated that she had no idea where he was.

The police contacted David’s dad, Elton, the following day to tell him of a find made in Ohio the day before. A mowing crew found the lower body of an adult man in a “weird-looking sleeping bag” along a highway. The body was quickly identified.

A pit bull tattoo on the upper left leg was the only unique physical trait. After Elton admitted his kid had had that tattoo, police began investigating the boy’s death.

What happened to Tammy Williams?

Tammy Williams was questioned regarding David’s death on October 5 after his body was discovered, mainly due to the actions DJ had witnessed her taking and her apparent lack of care for her boyfriend’s whereabouts.

Who or what has become of Unsolved Mysteries' Tammy Williams?

However, the authorities were forced to let her go due to a lack of evidence. A duffel bag containing David’s head was found several days later. After speaking with coroner Diane Scala-Burnett of Unsolved Mysteries, she determined that a single gunshot had killed David in the head just behind his left ear.

She left Detroit quickly. Williams was still considered a suspect after she was let go. On October 18, 2018, she was last spotted leaving the Neptune Hotel in New York.

Who or what has become of Unsolved Mysteries' Tammy Williams?

In their ongoing search for Williams, the US Department of Justice has increased their prize to $10,000.

During an interview with Fox2 in September 2021, Supervisory Deputy US Marshal Aaron Garcia said: “We will track you down. It’s been three years since we started looking into this, and we still haven’t gotten much help. Most people are aware of her whereabouts and can easily contact her if they need to. They remain silent.”

During an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, Andrew Battersby of the US Marshals Task Force disclosed that the vast rose tattoo on Williams’ left shoulder is the only thing that can be used to identify her.

He stated that Williams is charged with murder, dismemberment, falsifying evidence, and illegal gun possession.

Season 3 of Unsolved Mysteries may now be viewed on Netflix.

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