Well Bonjour! A box full of startling sparkling studs and charms, so enthusiastic and pleased with Orelia’s selection and samples of high-street designer accessories.

An English-born company with an Eastern Asian charm following a mixture of passion, heart and travel coming from unique founder Louisa.

My selected sample simply gorgeous earrings and necklace.
Orelia london

Orelia’s is right up my path, wishing I had found this box of treasures sooner! From girly smart sparks of pink and glow to unique twists of rocker chick and festival followers.

I love my turquoise starred necklace bringing back memories on one I had when I was younger but lost at the beach, I am now connected again! I was also given some lovely studded earrings to go with all my 5 piercings on my ears.

One problem I notice is infections always seem to spread with certain studs, but having worn these now for a few days I haven’t had any problems. You also get a little description of what it’s made from and what the material is.


What is amazing is that founder Louisa noticed that it was all designer and the high street but giving you a chance to walk about with style and affordable fashions.

You cannot beat the prices! I do also love the tasteful display and packing of the products, (which I received) such a respectable, signed for and nonbattered manor, which goes a long way these days as now even “Fragile” doesn’t get look passed.

Love showing my necklace off (even Pancakes whats it!) and am fishing through the site with great offers, content updates and accessories, and mind-blowing creations to give your style a glamorous and tasty surprise! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed! I know I wasn’t!

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