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The Body Jewellery Shop Shows Unique Style

“Diamonds are a girls best friend!” I am a collector of cute unique studs, ear piercings, body jewellery and punky pink accessories, which was why when I noticed The Body jewellery Shop, I was in my prime!

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I was super excited when I received the PMMA Threaded Ball that I attached to my belly piercing; especially with summer around the corner, it looks so cute! Also my Sterling Silver Ear Cuff, with little hearts decorating the outside showing off that unique spark!

I am off to check out more of the great offers to add to my little personal Punk Princess accessories! Super fast delivery and at affordable prices which is something that is super hard to find nowadays! The Body Jewellery Shop has such great unique and affordable ear piercings to choose from, check out my lovelies!

Sterling Sliver Ear Cuff – Hearts for £4.95 Go on be sure to check out their site, grab something no one else has and make it your own! The Body Jewellery Shop! – earpiercings

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