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The tsunami that devastated the Pacific Basin in the winter of 2004 on Boxing Day remains one of the worst natural disasters in history. This changed the lives of thousands a day after loved ones celebrated Christmas. Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona rein acts the terror and gripping international lives of a true-life story of a Spanish family who has torn apart on the day that they wouldn’t have ever imagined.

As mum played by Naomi Watts lies injured in hospital, Dad (McGregor) and older son Lucas played by Holland ballet to reunite their loved ones of a family of five.

"The Impossible"

A gripping, heart dropping movie which hit the cinemas with a jaw dropping view on how locals and tourists strive to say their lives and loved ones through nothing more than debris and mash land waters, a visual outlook on disaster and tragedy created by mother earth. Facing the devastation wrought by the disaster and the fear that they may never see the rest of the family again.

An Emotional moving adventure that takes you through the midst of the wounded. Changing lives forever the director also takes us on an emotional ride for not just the family but the other characters and locals, showing all those affected by such a ghastly event.

o whom many people never saw their family’s or loved ones again. The visual painted picture of a mess of destruction and atmosphere grips you in feeling as if you were there. Striving for help and contact others, the fear of a repeating wave while walls of unfound loves ones and no understanding of the English language to tourists, Living in a terror striving nightmare.

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The acting in the movie is gasping Watts and McGregor show true indications of the pain they suffer and sorrow in which they feel helpless and scared. Watts portrays a pain and helplessness but is still in need of being strong and being able to comfort her child.

Showing such agonizing grace which lets you feel her pain and life fighting wounds. Ewan McGregor performing as Harry acts a kind father overwhelmed by the disaster whose weary, tired and will most like not succeed. Showing his pain in such a lost hope. The children are particularly compelling. Showing a true life situation of being faced with unpredictable tragedy.

Tom Holland playing Lucas Bennett is extremely impressive, such a young boy he performs so maturely in order to cope with the fear of losing his loved ones while having too strong for his mother. A true-life story being brought to the big screen will leave you in complete shock of the scary world we do in fact live in and how your life could change at any moment. If having watching films like “into the wild” or “127 hours” This is truly a movie you will appreciate and fall into emotionally.

The impossible is one of those films which takes us back to history and how things can never be changed, a second can effect a life time. Showing how our lives are so important and it is not to take for granted, greed or cruelty.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts

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