Anyone who travels to Malta is bound to be impressed and resonate with the country’s immense Spanish culture. We had the opportunity to review the La Vida Malta, which is located in the heart of Malta on the coast of Sliema.


The restaurant itself is the epitome of the culture that Malta offers. La Vida Malta can be categorized as a Tapas Restaurant and Bar. It essentially means that along with Spanish-inspired cuisines, the bar is a testimony of the country’s rich tastes.

As far as dining experiences are concerned, it is essential that the restaurant’s aura and environment also comply with the overall aesthetics. Here are some things that make this tapas restaurant and bar a must-try in Malta.


Traditional Sangria

Sangria is a traditional Spanish alcoholic beverage, and we were excited to try it out as it is one of the oldest Spanish drinks.

As expected, the Sangria was surreal to drink; it was a culmination of red wine and chopped fruits, essentially making it a punch. The beverage went well with the overall aura of the restaurant, as it fits perfectly in a Spanish setting.

Malta's Tapas Restaurant La Vida


The menu covers a wide range of Spanish cuisine, which offers almost everything you could crave, from its delicious bocadillo de chorizo to its spectacular nachos served with sour cream with homemade salsa, and guacamole, with a side dish of their in-house special recipe of chilli beef.

Everything is top-notch; the fact is that sandwiches hold recognition is Spanish cuisine, and La Vida Malta offers some of the best sandwiches that you can get your hands on.

Also, if you’re looking for something basic, La Vida Malta has you covered. With its delicious Alitas chicken wings, creamy Mushroom croquettes, and a different of fillings to choose from, including chicken and prawn, the dining experience becomes surreal. With a wide range of delectable vegetarian options available.



One of the most important aspects of any restaurant is its environment or aesthetics. La Vida Malta presents a Spanish-inspired gist and uses a wide range of unique colours to depict a calm and relaxed environment.

We felt the aesthetics as soon as we entered the restaurant; it took the entire dining experience one step ahead. A place that is always buzzing with indoor and outdoor seating, great staff, and inviting art presented around the restaurant.

Malta's Tapas Restaurant La Vida

From Burgers to delicious sandwiches and elegant wines. La Vida Malta offers a unique experience if you’re looking to try out something you won’t forget easily. The restaurant’s staff was highly professional and polite, which always creates an impression.

We believe this visit might be one of the best Spanish dining experiences ever. If you ever visit Malta, don’t forget to check out this place. Check out their site for more information on upcoming events, new menu add-ons, fantastic new menu add-ons, and great deals! comiendo Feliz!


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