“Some say the best part of Edinburgh is its night-life , so take a walk on the wild side with the best pub crawl in town! The city’s craziest night starts here as we head through various back streets to find the best kept secrets. Party hard with the best guides in the world while you drink up the city.” Edinburgh Pub Crawl

Edinburgh's TOP Pub Crawl - Here is WHY!

It has been ages since I last caught up with the Edinburgh Pub Crawl Team. Having been running since 2013, this thrilling and hilarious pub crawl has had a whirlwind of enjoyment with the pub crawl hitting 5 star reviews and huge international interest.

If visiting the city, there are plenty of places you can stay for the night to enjoy your evening in the city centre!

Having people around the world tag along to this universal night of fun, games, socializing, dancing, and shots!

Founder Justin Davis has a large range of knowledge when it comes to Edinburgh, of the best places to venture on a night out, pubs, clubs, leader and history speaker.

Edinburgh's TOP Pub Crawl - Here is WHY!

Running 7 days a week with his team starting between 8 pm and 8.30 pm this verified must-try has amazing fun things in store, having been on the crawl over 7 times it never gets old!

Jagger Bomb Train – Edinburgh, Scotland (New Europe Pub Crawl) By – crisplalit

The pub rules of drinks include 7 BARS, 5 SHOTS, 1 COCKTAIL,1 JÄGERBOMB, DISCOUNTED DRINKS, and VIP CLUB ENTRY. All for only £7.


Feel free to check their site and book, or just tag along on the day! But it gets busy fast!

Edinburgh's TOP Pub Crawl - Here is WHY!
Edinburgh's TOP Pub Crawl - Here is WHY!

Here are some latest reviews on this night out in Edinburgh with an amazing team.

Next time you are over or want a spontaneous night out!


  1. […] It’s horrible being broke all the time, which is me almost all of the time, the good thing about living in a city is that there is never any need for loads of dosh, If you want the top shops and expensive lavish restaurants and bars, then yes, you need lots of money, but a bit of cash and creativity can go a long way, just by taking a look around you! Here are a few fun countdowns of cheap fun finds in Edinburgh City. […]

  2. […] After an adventurous tour across the country he has been asked to support a number of artists including The Hoosiers, The Milk, The Rumble Strips at their Scottish gigs and he will be sharing the stage with Scouting For Girls when they come to Edinburgh in September! Exciting!!!! […]

  3. […] After countless hours of hard work, fueled by coffee and the occasional cat cuddle, I’m proud to announce that we now have over 17 sponsors supporting us on the event day. Additionally, we’ve gathered an impressive lineup of 13 speakers, two of whom have graciously taken time out of their busy schedules to join us at the fabulous venue, Whitespace, in the heart of Edinburgh. […]

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