We all look up to these renowned celebrities, but their success wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter.

They are examples of hard work and determination, starting from humble beginnings and working up the ladder.

Let’s look at some inspiring celebrities who built their careers from the ground up!

Drew Barrymore – Cookie Dough

Steve Carell-Brown’s Chicken

Brad Pitt – Pringles Commercial

Ben Affleck – Burger King Commercial

Matt Le Blanc – Heinz Ketchup Commercial

Naomi Watts – Tampax

Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Pop Tarts

Paul Rudd-Super Nintendo

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Burger King Commercial

Christian Bale – For Pac-Man Cereal

Kristen Stewart – Porsche Advert

Ashley Benson – Barbie Commercial

Leonardo DiCaprio – Bubble gum

Keanu Reeves – Kellogg’s

Tobey Maguire – Atari

Lindsay Lohan – Jello

Do you have any other good celeb childhood ads? What is your favourite?


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