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Apple TV+ continues its streak of delivering consistently high-quality content with “Silo,” a captivating new dystopian sci-fi show based on the books by Hugh Howey.

Set in a future where humanity has sought refuge in a massive underground silo, the series explores the mysterious circumstances that led to their retreat from the outside world, all while keeping the residents in the dark.

The production design of “Silo” is truly commendable, presenting a shut-off, concrete world that immerses viewers in its dystopian atmosphere.

The intricate plotting adds to the intrigue, as Sheriff Holston (David Oyelowo) and engineer Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) begin to question the regime’s narrative and uncover its hidden lies.

"Silo" - A Riveting Puzzle-Box Mystery Series

John Nugent’s description of the series in Empire magazine as a “riveting puzzle-box mystery” couldn’t be more accurate. Over its ten episodes, “Silo” skillfully weaves elements of Swiftian satire, Cold War-era political conspiracies, dusty small-town Western showdowns, doing-the-work police procedurals, and even philosophical thought experiments, keeping viewers engaged and guessing.

"Silo" - A Riveting Puzzle-Box Mystery Series

With its thought-provoking premise and multi-layered storytelling, “Silo” is a must-watch for fans of sci-fi and mystery genres.

Available on Apple TV+ internationally, this series is another testament to the streaming platform’s commitment to delivering compelling and top-notch content. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delve into this intriguing world.

PlatformApple TV+
Launch Date
GenreDystopian Sci-Fi
Based onBooks by Hugh Howey
Main ActorsDavid Oyelowo, Rebecca Ferguson
Age GroupTeenagers and adults

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