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Modern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

Modern Family Mind-Blowing FactsModern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

“Modern Family” is not just a sitcom, it’s a laugh riot that has skyrocketed to must-see status and taken the world by storm. It’s the definition of “today,” blending hilarious quotes with fascinating facts.

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, this show is at the top of my must-watch list. It’s a constant source of entertainment with never a dull moment, thanks to its stellar cast and exceptional comedic timing. Trust me, the relatable situations they find themselves in are pretty much normal life, with a side of hilarity!

Now, let me share some interesting tidbits that you might not have known about this beloved series. Sooooo… did you know?!

Modern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

Jay, reads the same newspaper

Ed O’Neill, who plays Jay, reads the same newspaper he used in scenes in Married With Children 20 years ago.

Comedian Rob Huebel

Comedian Rob Huebel turned down an audition for the role of Phil Dunphy because he hated the script.

Ariel started acting in commercials

Ariel, who portrays Alex Dunphy, got her start in commercials! Ariel’s first paying job was a Cool Whip commercial! She’s been working ever since.

Modern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

Cam was almost a prison administrator.

In college, Stonestreet was studying criminal justice before he landed an acting career.

Cam isn’t gay in real life!

Even though he is the absolute best at acting like a gay man, Eric Stonestreet is straight. Married with a kid.

Modern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

Sofia Vergara battled cancer.

She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000 when she was 28 years old but had a full recovery after treatment.

Julie Bowen wears a pacemaker.

The actress has been wearing a pacemaker since her 20s due to heart problems.

Modern Family Famous Bits

Julie Bowen was in ‘Happy Gilmore.’

Yes, it’s true, Claire Dunphy is the same girl that helped Adam Sandler beat Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore. Mind = Blown.

Ty Burrell owns a bar in Utah.

Phil Dunphy used to live in Salt Lake City and co-owns a bar with his brother Duncan called “Bar-X”.

Modern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

Sofia Vergara highest-paid TV actress in 2012

Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria, was the highest-paid TV actress in 2012, earning an estimated $19 million that year. Yap…. that was my reaction!

Modern Family Famous Bits

Cameron dreams of becoming a clown during his childhood.

Eric Stonestreet wanted to become a clown when he was a kid. The clown “Fizbo” from Modern Family is actually his childhood invention!

Modern Family Famous Bits

Sarah was home-schooled!

Sarah’s mom home-schooled her until she was in second grade. After that, Sarah went to public school and graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School in New York.

Modern Family Mind-Blowing Facts

Rico used to be a shy kid!

Before Rico started acting, he was very shy. He didn’t even want to go in an audition room without his mom! Aw! After he started taking improv and acting classes, he came out of his shell.

Modern Family Famous Bits

Matt Le Blanc was meant to be Phil

According to E! News, Phil Dunphy’s character was originally meant for Matt Le Blanc, AKA Joey from Friends, but when he declined, Ty Burrell took the part. Ed O’Neill, who plays the part of Jay Pritchett, was also the producer’s second choice.

Modern Family Famous Bits

Nolan Gould is a genius.

Seriously. Even though he plays the unintelligent Luke Dunphy, Nolan Gould has been a MENSA member since he was four years old.

Sarah Hyland has kidney dysplasia.

She was diagnosed when she was nine, and in 2012 her father donated a kidney when she needed a transplant.

Modern Family Famous Bits

Change of the shows name

Modern Family was originally going to be called My American Family.

Hit me, baby!

Britney Spears was offered a role in season 3 of the hit comedy series, but she turned it down.

Modern Family Famous Bits

Adopting in Vietnam

Oopsie! You know how Mitchell and Cameron adopted their bundle of joy from Vietnam? Well, it turns out that Vietnam has not yet legalized single parents or same-sex couples to adopt children from their country.

Modern Family was the first ABC series to win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 22 years. There you have it, for those who haven’t yet seen Modern Family (you are living under a rock) and HAVE to watch it! It’s like FRIENDS but in a family version!

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