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In today’s life cycle, it’s hard to find a job; it all comes down to experience or connections, but what do you do if you have neither!?

Well, my friend, here are a few tips to pimping out your CV and giving you the position you want with something different to read that will be remembered positively. Let’s start with the paperwork… The famous CV

Steps to Nailing that Perfect Dream Job!
  • Back to basics: Let’s go to the very beginning. When you are writing a CV, you need to ensure you have all the basics, including personal and contact information, education and qualifications, work history, and relevant experience.Skills The job description in question should include some mention of references (whether the details of the references are included or not). I know this is all the boring stuff, but this information is the key!
  • Presentation and Length: Try and keep it to one page if possible, or two (including front and back) if need be. Employers aren’t interested in reading about your life history.

Remember, they receive thousands of applications, most of which get skimmed over the heading or get introduced to the shredder… Talking about enjoying horse riding and your favorite animal and how it won a trophy is not what they are after.

Ensure you use a good clean font and not massive-sized text. These people aren’t children. They can read normal size. If it doesn’t make you look awesome, don’t include it. Simple!

  • Give your CV a unique boost – going that extra mile really makes your CV shine. -Volunteer a day to give back to your community. -Try to find a cause similar to your chosen field to make it more relevant. There are so many different things you can do today; charity stores, helping out at a farmers market, joining in on a science fair; no matter what industry you are going into, they like to see you are up for anything! You are a keen learner! as well as a willingness to get your hands dirty!
  • Brush up on your Excel and PowerPoint skills—to show that you really understand spreadsheets and how to produce a killer presentation. Today, everything is online and presented on power points. or Prezzi a lot of companies like to see you have this knowledge in all areas. If you don’t know the software, then start researching and messing around.
Steps to Nailing that Perfect Dream Job!
  • What you’re social media-Today it seems everyone’s life is online, sometimes to the point you don’t even want your grandmother to see some of those crazy drunken parties out, or you in your tiny swimsuit. Various companies now determine a lot through researching you online. Make sure what you have up is reasonable, or find a way to change your name, start a blog, event, or something that will bring your name on the web to a positive career turn. Instead of you doing shots of tequila and making out with a co-worker… Not what they are looking for!
  • Research stands out: research everything—the founders, the company, the person or people interviewing you, and the industry. They like having people there that they can relate to, someone who’s so passionate that they stand out as they know what the company’s last 4 awards were and who they were given to!
  • Proofread!- I cannot express this enough. If you have spelled something wrong or even if your grammar is in the wrong context, this is picked up on BIG TIME. Remember all the times at school where you never paid attention in English class? Yap, you are most certainly regretting that now. Grammar goes a long way! It’s important to make sure you have that all checked through. Send it to your friends, or lectures. Someone’s bound to read it for you and give you some pointers. Now that you’ve been accepted for that snazzy interview, are you so nervous and unsure of what to do?
Steps to Nailing that Perfect Dream Job!
  • Dress to impress for that test-Not for a skimpy night out. This is where a lot of people go wrong. You should aim to dress one notch above what you would normally consider suitable for work. And that, of course, means the job that you’re interviewing for. You could hang around the car park at clocking off time to get a clear indication of what people are wearing, but as a general rule of thumb, for both men and women, it’s going to be a suit. It can depend on the type of position you are going to, but dress the way you would if you had the job there. Applying to work for Lady Gaga, go a bit gaga-Working for a broker firm, dress smart and respectable, and whatever you don’t run-in with a creased top… It’s better to overdress than underdress.
  • You are selling yourself short. At the end of the day, showing up 20 minutes early gives you plenty of time to get together, make sure you have your paperwork, don’t smell of cigarette smoke, and run makeup from the wind and rain. It’s always best to be punctual. No one has time for “sorry I missed my bus.” They want to hire people on time! Ready to look and take the business to that new level you are applying for?
Steps to Nailing that Perfect Dream Job!
  • Get familiar with the location: Before heading, it’s good to research where it is and what kind of location it is. Upon entering, don’t be afraid to say good morning and afternoon to people in the lobby.
  • On approach, stand up, smile, and simply give a handshake. Mention your name. (Yes, it might seem like I’m going into too much detail, but you have no idea how many people mess this up. Yes you heard right, they got this far, then they stumble, papers go on the floor, they accidentally lean in for a kiss, it all goes wrong!) Learn your posture and manners!
  • Interview Your Interviewer- This might sound bizarre, but it’s important to show them that you are interested in how they got to where they are and make small talk. It doesn’t all have to be high and mighty at the end of the day. This is the job and the people you want to work with. Act like a normal human being. They aren’t going to hire you. Asking questions shows you’re interested.
  • Exude Confidence and Congeniality. Confidence is the ultimate companion of success, and congeniality is a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression. Employers want to hire people who can positively influence others, who are confident in their skills and abilities, and who are just generally pleasant to be around.
Steps to Nailing that Perfect Dream Job!

There you go! You have nailed it; you have expressed a different person and angle and left your suitable talent footprint with them. No matter what happens, you haven’t left empty-handed; you have left with confidence, additional research and knowledge, connections, and complimentary coffee and biscuits!

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