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I was off to London for limited few days, spare of the moment, quick breathier. Occasionally it is the best thing for people. You need a transformation in scenery and atmosphere, if not you will drive yourself senseless!

One thing I love about London is a flash of independence, everyone is rushing around you, doing their own thing without a care in the world, You don’t feel alone as everyone else is sucked up in their own oriental bubble.

Things To Do When In London

For bloggers getting away, it’s a great way to get some encouragement towards clothing, writing, travel writing and noting down some thrilling moments. London in May is always greatest this time of year, the sun is streaming, people are out at Hype Park, festivals are on the go and people are sipping their Pims and lemonade while blasting their top charted tunes. As well as it isn’t as busy as it is during the summer.

Things To Do When In London

Going to London there are always 5 things I always do! For one, Go to Kings Cross (Where my train enters from Edinburgh) and observe the Harry Potter section. As sad as that is. Every time I am back, the queue just gets extended! Such stimulating and unusual group of individuals, when attending a rock concert, you get the same kind of foke. Ripped jeans, Messy hair, tattoos and mainstay! With the Harry potter scene there is no telling what is about to result from! Check it out when you are next at Kings Cross.

They even have a Harry Potter shop! How cool, Right so putting my wand back, to the next one!


Where to begin with that, colors, consistency, Individuals, fine arts and food, there is just something about this place that is just like “Alice in wonderland” about it. Something from a Tim Burton movie. It’s so effective, from going to small vintage and upper-class markets to London streets with irreplaceable pubs. Rather a book and the exhilaration of turning over the page to see what is around the corner. Trust me it is something that is always buzzing,

Things To Do When In London

Not to mention the entertainment of street walkers, always doing something extraordinary and unexpected, worrying that you walk past the act and they shout out at you, Although some may like that. Also the crepe house! From strawberry to savory make your own crepe for less then £5, its pink as well.


That is all! The place of creativity, craziness, food and markets! Never a dull moment, just off of the central line from the center. You can’t go wrong, Head towards Amy Winehouse’s home,30 Camden Square, London NW1 9XA, United Kingdom, to the cute ally for random bargains and tattoos. The stable markets with the history of what lay there before is a site that will leave your mind wondering.

Camden Square, London NW1 9XA,

As well as the Cupcake candy, David & Goliath What is eccentric to do is there is a small little store with its fun and brightly monster marked tees. I always end up buying some thing there even if it eats up my lunch money! store within center of the Garden Dome.


The famous wobbly bridge. Now this is a vision. The bridge near Tate Museum, a walk away from London Waterloo station and the London eye. Such an unusual bridge with its way of structure, and when it’s windy enough you can feel it move, Hint the name.

You can check out the views of the Thames, people toddling past. Even street acts perform even if it is raining, the fresh air and noise is somewhat comforting for a city. Wait until boats go by and pop your arm in the air in a blowing horn movement and yes they honk back! The little things that is what counts. Also many films have been filmed on the exact bridge such as Amanda Bynes “What a girl wants” and “Harry Potter” It’s free and different!

Last but not least is going back to my old lived home town Weybridge, I lived in this pint-sized country town feel for 5 years, where I gained and learnt so much. My first job at Waitrose to my studies of acting and fashion at Brooklands College.

Having met some awesome people who I am still so close to, I always go back without uncertainty, a Small little train ride down, from Waterloo station, as you see yourself get further from London it’s a nice refresher. Arriving at Weybridge. With one main high street, local stores and snazzy expensive cars. Perfect place to go and getaway. Enjoy the country lane drive around and out the city shopping centers. Lovely churches and woodland trails to walk around. During this time of the year, Walking down the Thames and stopping at the Swan Hotel or Weir for a pint in the sun and watching the boats go by is fantastic!


On one other quick note, one thing I try to do when I am down is to see a Theater is just something I love and leave with a memory of excitement and craving! The last show I watched was “the woman in black” which took place at Convent Garden Theater, a small and hunted venue.

Such a bloodcurdling and phenomenal performance with not much but just a box and a few props. Best thing to do is head to Leicester square when you arrive and check out the latest and cheapest performances on of that day! Last minute is sometimes the best, Hint what I am doing this moment.

Currently sitting in my wee corner, Music, food a wine watching the green fields and buildings slowly appearing as I enter England… Sit back and relax. Always something to do and never a dull moment!


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