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Oh la la, mes amis! Dust off your berets and polish those Parisian chic boots because the scoop on “Emily in Paris” Season 4 is here, and it’s juicier than a ripe French fromage! Filming has already kicked off for the hit Netflix series, with hopes to wrap before the 2024 Paris Olympics become the talk of the town.

Have You Heard? "Emily in Paris" Season 4 Is on the Horizon!

Spoilers Alert: Tread Carefully!

Did you binge-watch Season 3 faster than Emily can say “Je ne sais quoi”? If yes, you’re probably experiencing that all-too-familiar withdrawal. From the fabulous fashion faux pas to the cringe-worthy (yet endearing) mishaps, not to mention the rollercoaster that is Emily and Gabriel’s love saga. And who could forget that bombshell ending in Season 3?

The Antidote? Gathering every crumb of info on Season 4. And, voilà, we’ve done just that for you!

Is “Emily in Paris” Season 4 Confirmed?

Indeed, it is! The marvelous Lily Collins (Emily herself) took to Instagram in January 2022, confirming not just a third season but a fourth as well. Start the countdown, darlings!

Have You Heard? "Emily in Paris" Season 4 Is on the Horizon!

While we’re on tenterhooks waiting for a trailer, a little birdie (aka Netflix) teased some burning questions awaiting answers in Season 4. Is Alfie nursing a broken heart? Will Gabriel snag that Michelin star? The fate of Mindy and the band at Eurovision? And, of course, the million-dollar question: Will Emily and Gabriel finally give us the happily ever after we’re craving?

Lights, Camera, Action!

Filming was slated to start in the summer of 2023 at the iconic Cité du Cinema studios. However, whispers from the City of Lights in February 2024 confirmed our darling Lily Collins was already gracing the Parisian streets, camera in tow. Yet, it’s not all roses and champagne; the crew faces a tight schedule with the upcoming Olympics and some unexpected “Emily, please leave” graffiti adding to the drama.

Have You Heard? "Emily in Paris" Season 4 Is on the Horizon!

When Can We Jet Off to Paris Again?

The release date is still up in the air, like a perfectly thrown beret. Given the filming frenzy and Olympic hurdles, our bets are on a glamorous 2025 premiere.

Who’s Returning to the City of Light?

While Netflix plays coy with the cast list, it’s safe to say the gang’s all here. From our fearless Emily (Lily Collins) to the ever-dazzling Mindy (Ashley Park), expect to see your favorites. However, the air of mystery still looms over Alfie’s return…

Have You Heard? "Emily in Paris" Season 4 Is on the Horizon!

Plot Twist and Turns: What’s Brewing in Paris?

Season 4 promises a maze of complicated relationships, both personal and professional. The Emily-Gabriel-Camille saga continues to entangle, with Season 3’s cliffhanger setting the stage for more drama. And let’s not forget the possible return of Camille’s secret Greek lover, Sofia. Sparks flew, and it seems the flame hasn’t quite been extinguished.

Have You Heard? "Emily in Paris" Season 4 Is on the Horizon!

So, mes chéris, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more updates. Paris awaits, and so does the next chapter of Emily’s adventure. Will it be a Roman holiday or another whirlwind of love, fashion, and faux pas? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the internet and Paris have never been quite the same since Emily stamped her mark.

Stay fabulous, darlings, and remember, in the world of “Emily in Paris,” expect the unexpected!

Article will be updated as more enchanting details emerge.

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