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Will they outrun the sun again?

Into the Night, a Belgian apocalyptic thriller released on Netflix in May 2020, was the perfect lockdown binge.

After a Brussels-bound jet is hijacked, the passengers realize that it was a blessing in disguise when the sun rises in different parts of the planet and kills all living things.

In the season one finale, the passengers narrowly escape to a NATO bunker after outrunning the sun at night.

Season two, created by Jason George and inspired by Jacek Dukaj’s 2015 Polish sci-fi novel The Old Axolotl, was just as compelling as the first as the crew adjusts to underground life and deals with unstable NATO soldiers. It left some nail-biting cliffhangers.

Into the Night season 3 cast, narrative, and release date

Will the narrative continue? All about Into the Night, season three.

When will Into the Night season 3 air?

Into the Night’s future has not been announced since season two’s September 2021 release. Apologies. The good news is that season two finished on a cliffhanger, so at least the authors have plans for more.

Season two debuted on Netflix on September 8, 2021, 16 months after season one. If the production pattern continues, season three should be available to stream by late 2022 or early 2023.

Into the Night season 3 cast, narrative, and release date

Who’s in Into the Night 3?

If season three is greenlit, Pauline Etienne (Sylvie Bridgette), Laurent Capelluto (Mathieu Daniel), Mehmet Kurtulus (Ayaz Kobanbay), Babetida Sadjo (Laura Djalo), Alba Gaia Bellugi (Ines Melanie Ricci), and Vincent Londez will return (Horst Baudin).

Season 3 plot of Into the Night?

Rik sacrifices himself by driving the Russian tanker into his opponents at the end of season two, allowing the party to escape to the chopper and killing most of the NATO and Russian soldiers.

The chopper has a limited range and can be refuelled, but how and where will they discover it? They must reach Svalbard before the sun sets to rejoin the group.

Into the Night season 3 cast, narrative, and release date

Ayaz, weeping at the seed vault in Norway, requests that Zara (Regina Bikkinina) and Dominik’s killers be found (Nicolas Alechine).

Ayaz shoots Markus for confessing. During these occurrences, a stranger enters the bunker claiming to be a Turkish researcher who has been surviving with another group on a submarine. Ayaz shoots to end the scene. Tense.

Finally, in the second season, Horst and Laura release rats into the sunshine to see if any survive. In the climax, some NATO soldiers find a frozen rat. Horst did it.

Into the Night season 3 cast, narrative, and release date

Ice may block sunlight like water and concrete. Can troops save us?

Hope not. Will they reach Svalbard? Ayaz on the submarine? Will NATO soldiers withstand this vital revelation? Season three should answer these questions.

Into the Night season 3 trailer? It’s on when?

No trailer yet due to no renewal. If season three is greenlit, we’ll see the trailer a month before the launch. You can view the season two trailer or binge the series on Netflix until we get further news.

Into the Night season 3 cast, narrative, and release date

Netflix has Into the Night seasons one and two.

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