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You might be wondering, When does Sons of the Forest come out? So, even though Endnight Games announced The Forest 2, a horror survival game, a few years ago, the company has been as quiet as a forest at night and hasn’t said much about the project.

But Sons of the Forest now has a date for when it will start. Even though there aren’t any official details, fans have made some educated guesses.

For example, they think survival and building games will be back, and that cave and land exploration will be mixed.

Sons of the Forest Release Date Announced by Endnight Games

The scary bad guys and foes from the survival game are also back, but not much is known about them yet. But that doesn’t matter; we’ll discuss it in more depth later.

When will Sons of the Forest be out in stores?

Sons of the Forest will finally be available on February 23, 2023. The game will only be available for PC and will cost $29.99.

Sons of the Forest Release Date Announced by Endnight Games

The original plan was to release the game in May 2022, but Endnight said that was too ambitious and pushed back the release date.

The team then announced another delay in August 2022, citing problems they hadn’t expected. They also showed a new gameplay teaser.

How to Play Sons of the Forest

There wasn’t a long-form demo of how to play Sons of Forest. The second video for the game came out in December 2020.

It showed more in-depth gameplay, like fighting, exploring, and even environments inside existing buildings, which were probably related to the story somehow.

The first trailer for Sons of the Forest was shown at this year’s Game Awards. After seeing the video, which was creepy and unsettling but didn’t say much about the game, people were very excited to play it.

Sons of the Forest

I hope you found all the information you needed about the Endnight Games’ official release date announcement for Sons of the Forest.

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