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If you’re craving Greek food from one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Manakis Greek Taverna is the restaurant in St. Julian’s, Malta, closest to the real thing.

Taste of Greek in Malta - Manakis

Start with a glass of Greek wine or beer (or a cocktail, if you’re feeling adventurous) and some classic slices of bread and dips, like Tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber, and garlic) or taramasalata (salmon roe), and then move on to a delicious meze (mezedes are small plates of appetizers).

After that, we shared the Greek Feast sharing platter, which cost €29.50 per person and had many different tastes and textures.

Traditional Tzatziki Greek yoghurt flavourings were used to garnish the cold mezze: fresh mint, pickled cucumber, herb oil, Greek houmous (parsley), and smoked paprika.

Melitzano Salata (DOLMADES is pureed aubergine with lemon juice, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, coriander, and parsley. It is topped with marinated olives. Rolls of vine leaves with rice in the middle.

I loved the main course, which featured a traditional moussaka with layers of aubergines, courgettes, potatoes, and a hearty lamb stew topped with béchamel sauce and feta cheese.

I also enjoyed grilled pork neck. This pork had been marinated in fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, oregano, and parsley.

Taste of Greek in Malta - Manakis

Suppose you still have room for dessert after all that. The last thing is Tahini ice cream. If that’s the case, your server will bring you a menu of traditional Greek sweets that are all very tasty.

Taste of Greek in Malta - Manakis

You can treat yourself to an Espresso Martini or an avogato (liqueur-based dessert)—a great experience with excellent staff.

Service optionsDine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
AddressSpinola Bay, St Julian’s
Phone2138 3572

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