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Get ready to dust off your Pip-Boy and crack open a Nuka-Cola Quantum, because Fallout, the new post-apocalyptic TV show, is a blast! Whether you’re a seasoned Vault Dweller with hundreds of hours logged in the Fallout games or a fresh-faced recruit just emerging from the shelter, this show is an exciting and hilarious trip through the Wasteland.

Experience the Thrills of "Fallout: Nuka-Cola Quantum Fun!"

No Vault-Tec handbook required!

Fallout the show perfectly captures the spirit of the video games without needing any prior knowledge. It’s like finding a legendary weapon and a stash of caps all in one!

The series opens in the 1950s, a time of chrome-plated diners and paranoia about the commies. We meet Cooper Howard, a faded TV star reduced to shilling at birthday parties. Suddenly, a mushroom cloud fills the horizon – the bombs have fallen! Those lucky enough to secure a spot scramble for their shiny new Vaults.

Experience the Thrills of "Fallout: Nuka-Cola Quantum Fun!"

Fast forward two centuries. Vault 33 seems like a utopia, a pristine bubble preserving the best (and some of the weirdest) parts of the 50s. Polite greetings, daily weapons training, and the occasional reminder not to marry your cousin—it’s a strange new world order.

But this idyllic existence is shattered when raiders led by the ruthless Moldaver breach the Vault. They kidnap Overseer Hank MacLean, and his daughter Lucy defies orders to stay put. Armed with her unwavering belief in the Golden Rule (and completely unprepared for the harsh realities of the Wasteland), Lucy ventures out to find her father.

Experience the Thrills of "Fallout: Nuka-Cola Quantum Fun!"

The Wasteland is a harsh mistress. Giant radroaches scuttle through the ruins, horrifying sea monsters lurk in the irradiated waters, and desperate survivors cling to a fragile existence. Lucy encounters the Brotherhood of Steel, a warrior faction clad in battered Iron Man-like suits.

We also meet Maximus, a bullied squire who rises through the ranks to become a lord in his own right. Both Lucy and Maximus are on the hunt for a severed head containing a valuable chip—the same head a Ghoul version of Cooper Howard (yes, you read that right!) is also after.


The show masterfully blends classic post-apocalyptic tropes with a dash of 50s kitsch and enough blood and gore to satisfy even the most jaded Wasteland veteran. There are laugh-out-loud moments (a talking organ-harvesting robot voiced by Matt Berry?) surprisingly touching scenes (a Ghoul reuniting with a long-lost friend?) and plenty of Easter eggs to keep Fallout fans grinning. The story unfolds at a perfect pace, building tension while keeping the humour sharp.

The cast is phenomenal. Walton Goggins shines as both the pre-war Cooper and his ghoul counterpart. Ella Purnell delivers a brilliant performance as Lucy, capturing her innocence and her gradual toughening as she navigates the Wasteland. The growing mystery back in Vault 33 adds another layer of intrigue, with Lucy’s brother Norm suspicious of the vault’s leadership.

Fallout is an absolute blast. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging post-apocalyptic adventure, this show is a must-watch.

Bonus Fun for Wasteland Wanderers!

  • Feeling the post-apocalyptic itch after the show? The Fallout games are available on most platforms, so you can create your own character and explore the Wasteland yourself! Just keep an eye out for radroaches, and maybe avoid those puppy incinerators…
  • The show is packed with references to the Fallout games, so keep an eye out for familiar items and winks to fans. It’s like finding a hidden bobblehead – a delightful surprise for any Wasteland wanderer!

Where to Watch Fallout

You can find Fallout streaming on Amazon Prime Video. So grab your favourite Nuka-Cola flavour, settle into your most comfortable apocalypse-ready chair, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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