After hinting last October that they were in the studio together, Bring Me The Horizon and Sigrid just announced a new single called “Bad Life.”

Bring Me the Horizon and Sigrid have a new single coming out called "Bad Life."

A teaser shared on social media makes it look like the song will be a big, emotional pop ballad that will come out on April 21.

In the chorus, Oli Sykes, the lead singer of BMTH and a Norwegian superstar, sings, “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”

Horizon has already worked with Masked Wolf, Ed Sheeran, and Machine Gun Kelly in 2022, so this is their fourth collaboration with them. Oli gushed about the band’s collaborations with different artists in the latest issue of Kerrang!, saying,

“I love being able to do something with Ed Sheeran and then work with a super-heavy band. I don’t think many artists have been able to jump from such a wide range of styles, and that helps us stand out.”

Check out the previews for Bad Life below, and get the single here before it comes out.

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