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We all love cats! It’s that time of year again when the world outside turns cold, chilly, and overcast. The unmistakable signs of winter are upon us.

While the weather might leave some feeling a bit down in the dumps, two steadfast companions never fail to bring warmth and cheer: our beloved dogs and the comforting embrace of hot beverages.

cat cafe edinburgh

All the cafes and restaurants are serving seasonal treats, but what way to top it off with a cute ball of love to entertain you? The Edinburgh Cate Café!

Planning on officially opening in spring 2015! I have managed to get some more scoop on Edinburgh’s pet-friendly independent café again!

cat cafe edinburgh

Wanting to start the New Year off with a Purrrrr and friendly furred friends, I asked the Cat Café if they will be recruiting once the café is opened!

“Even though we are qualified in different fields we both plan to work in café full time, as the café is apple of our eye.

However, it is impossible to run this type of business only by us so we will be looking to employ a few people. We will be looking for those who share our love and passion to good food and drinks, and obviously cats.”

cat cafe edinburgh

I, for one, have requested a lovely ragdoll kitten from Santa; any cat or kitten deserves a beautiful home and owner, and what better place to let your brain relax, your work roll, and cats play?

Hello again, I was so excited to have the chance to interview you both again! I have heard so many great things about your Edinburgh Cat Café being noticed by investors as well as officially hoping to open in spring 2015! Why not tell us a bit about what you have been doing since we last chatted?

cat cafe edinburgh

Any updates and news that you can share?

Hi! Lots of things have happened since we had a chat. Firstly, we have run our crowdfunding campaign. Even though we did not manage to reach our target, this campaign gave us a lot of exposure, and people who decided to support the opening of the café have contacted us. We then got down to more detailed planning- all the legal and technical bits behind opening a business.

The thing that keeps us from moving forward is a venue- we are actively looking for premises and hoping that things will go fast and smoothly once we find the right one. Throughout the whole process, we have received massively encouraging feedback. The positive vibe that we are getting gives us a massive confidence boost that people love the idea and share our passion. We are looking forward to bringing

In terms of opening in spring, what else is needed to get the idea and business wholly finalized?

“At the moment we are looking for a venue that will become our home. We have everything ready to go, so as soon as we find a place things should move quickly- and hopefully smoothly.”

Will you be looking to recruit?

“Even though we are qualified in different fields we both plan to work in a café full time, as the café is the apple of our eye. However, it is impossible to run this type of business only by us so we will be looking to employ a few people. We will be looking for those who share our love and passion for good food and drinks and cats.”

Another cat café is recently opening up as well, has this affected anything towards your café plans?

“No. We stick to our plans.”

What can you say about the time and resources you’ve devoted to starting the café? I imagine it’s a lot of work.

“Opening a café, especially one that is a little bit ‘different’ indeed takes a lot of time and resources. We are both working full-time, so the café related matters are taking most of our spare time. Also, as this is the first business we are running, there are lots of things that we are learning every day.

But we cannot complain at all! This is an amazing journey and we enjoy every bit of it. We have learned so much, met so many amazing people, and most of all we do feel that the project gets closer to reality. “

I know it’s rare for people to take their cats out, in the same way, people do with dogs, but will you allow other cats in the café?”

We have been asked this question several times– as a rule, the café will not be open for visiting cats. There are two main reasons behind this. “

cat cafe edinburgh

“Firstly, this would help us to prevent cats from viruses and diseases that could be accidentally transmitted by visiting moggies. Secondly, we would work carefully to create a balanced and peaceful environment for the cats.

This would include selecting cats that would coexist in harmony and going through an adaptation process. Visiting animals could potentially disturb the stability of this environment, and therefore we cannot take the risk that this stresses our cat residents.”

That is very understanding and calming for the cats whose home it is. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?

“There weren’t any particular challenges that we have faced so far. There are little obstacles arising as we go, but nothing that would take us off the track.

The challenge that comes to my mind is perhaps combining our professional duties and the café responsibilities, as they are both very time-consuming. At the moment finding the right property is what is holding us back.”

Last but not least, have you a favourite breed of cat?

We do not have a favourite breed of cats. Even though pedigree moggies are more distinctive, we could never resist the charm of mixed breeds kitties. We think all cats are gorgeous, and it is more about the personality and the look in their eyes that catches your heart.”

cat cafe edinburgh

There you have it from the owners themselves; the café is bringing a new buzz to the city of Edinburgh, a therapeutic and social vibe that only animals can cure!

Be sure to like, share, and keep up to date with their purrfect updates; looking to open in spring 2015, this will be inviting, calm and fluffy, my furry friends!

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